Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki

I have to admit that the reason I started to read the manga was because of the Art but soon the story captivated me too.
The whole story revolves around the love stories of Yusuke Serizawa and his interaction with various girls since childhood till his adulthood. He’s a very slow at growing and this is fully reflected in his behaviour with the various girls. But I have to say that each meeting and departing had its own reason.
While reading I’ve felt like looking a real clumsy guy struggling with his loves, lovers, life and past experiences. Perhaps some events were a little forced but the overall story was well done.
Life has a lot of hurdles and when you mixes the love, which you’re looking for as a pillar to support you, vanishes or crumbles because external factors or your own faults at noticing your partner feelings and you own, everything becomes so much complicated.
Every character has his own issues and reactions well explained in my opinion, where everyone has to overcome his/her problems to finally be able to grow and struggle for the hope of a better future.
It was a very nice read and a satisfying ending. So for just 7 volumes or 44 chapters it’s worth your time.
On final note I’ve noticed that the tankoubon version of the last chapter has extra pages which the original chapter didn’t have. And those final pages do makes a difference.

By ImmortalDao


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