Fortana & Futura

   Chapter 1

   Heaven wasn’t exactly a place I’d call home, even though I was technically born there. I was born an Arch, an angel of protection for our lord. I don’t wish to speak his name mostly because I don’t serve him. I serve all of Heaven to keep the demons and other hellspawns out of our gates and lands. I wasn’t like most angels. No, I was different in everyone and mostly despised for it just because I chose my own way of dealing with such foul creatures of Hell. I received one blessing, but that’s all I could handle. That and my oddly annoying helper that ventured with me every time I went into the human world of Dominia. Humans pray and thank us for our protection against Hell. As if I cared.

     “Oh come on Tagua, at least same something to make this adventure more fun.”
   I always try my best while my companion blabs at the mouth. Quite playful she was, but that is not what annoys me about her.
     “I told you, I would not say a word unless it’s cruel disposition against the demon that stole from our land.”

   Even though I, or anyone for that matter could see her, I would listen to her in my head. For a fallen angel such as her, I wouldn’t know how to speak to such a creature without tearing its wings off. I got strange looks from those who I walked by. Not because of my hair, silver colored eyes, or blessed sword that was at my hip. The stares I received was from the wings that adorned my back. Their white feather made me stand out like a sore thumb amongst the humans. An angel in a human world walking about casually and they no idea why they saw me or how.

     “Tagua~” she whined like a little kid. “Can’t you speak to me about who it is we’re looking for?”


   Like a wall standing in front of me, I stopped immediately and drew my sword. Following swiftly, I hacked the arm of a human nearby clean off with a crackling sizzle coming from my blade. Or so it thought it was human. The demon dropped and screamed at the top of its lungs as well as everyone in our immediate vicinity. On the ground, I spotted the disgusting looking creature with a death glare in my eyes. Black tar skin with bat like wings coming from its back. Horns on its head and blood shot eyes that dared stare back at me. As much as I anted to lay this demonic thing to rest, I needed information.

     “What the hell?!” he shouted while clenching his wound. “You damned angel! You’ll pay for this!”

   He lunged at me with speed that wasn’t anything impressive. He swiped his darkened claw at my face, to which I dodged with ease. Not much of a fighter with one arm, are ya? I swiftly moved the side with my wings and kicked the creature in the chest. He heaved heavily and turned to stare at me. Before he could swipe at me again, I plunged my sword deep in his back and through his chest. The amount of blood he coughed up was nothing new to me. Watching this one cower in fear against the while people flee for their lives was nothing as well. Him telling me what I wanted, heh, that would be a first for their kind.

     “Oh wow Tagua,” my companion acted impressed. She was bad at acting. “You’re so strong.”


     “Save it Elisia.” I told her, looking at the near death demon on the ground. “You have two choices, either talk or face a most painful death.”

     “I don’t give a shit about what it is you’re looking for.” the creature hoarsely told us. “You might as well kill me now and save yourself from sweating anymore.”

   I took that as an invitation and poised my blade to jab right through his neck. I could hear his heart rate racing as I put the blade against the vein in his neck. His skin soon began to sear and a cry of agony came forth from his mouth as he tried with all his might to remove my weapon. I don’t pity demons often, but this one was barely ever in a fight. I could tell.

     “Soooo, you’re gonna kill him or try to get information?” Elisia always had something to say.


     “Alright!” the demon yelled. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

   I removed my blade just as I began to hear sirens from a good ways away from where we were standing. I grabbed him by the throat and looked in his red eyes with nothing but malice and hatred.

     “You’re coming with us.”

   I extended my wings and flew upward with the demon in my hand and landed on a nearby rooftop as dropped him down near my feet. Elisia was quiet for now. Must be watching and listening again as she never went on this searches in person.


     “Now tell us what we want to know.” I demanded. My white open long coat blew in the wind behind me and my same color hair ruffled in the wind. My black shit, pants and shoes were a reminder to those in Heaven what happened when an Arch gets pissed.

     “What do you want to know?”

   I had only one word to his question that will surely tell me everything I need.


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