Happy Tooned: Website Turns People Into Characters From Their Favorite Anime/TV Shows

Do you also imagine yourself as the main character of your favorite TV show or are you normal? Having a diner just like the Belchers? Or becoming a mega genius scientist like Rick from Rick and Morty? Or becoming the world’s deadliest spy just like Sterling Archer? Or being in a romantic custom anime setting of your favorite anime show with your partner? If you have imagined any of these scenarios at least once in your life, then stay tooned, we have just the right thing for you. Happy Tooned’s website does an amazing job of transforming your photos into your favorite cartoon show characters. From Rick and Morty to the Simpsons, they have almost all the top shows listed on their website.

Here’s a look at some of the best artworks that we have collected from their website

Rick and Morty Custom Family Portrait

Rick and Morty Custom Family Portrait Happy Tooned

A family portrait of a couple, kids, and dogs, all coming out of the portal, holding portal guns. Now if that’s not a perfect family portrait, we don’t know what is! Become a part of the extraordinary universe of Rick and Morty with Happy Tooned.

Personalized Bob’s Burgers Artwork

Personalized Bob’s Burgers artwork Happy Tooned

Having your own diner just like the Belchers, sounds cool, doesn’t it? Now you can open your own restaurant after your name just like Murphy’s Burgers!

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Simpsons Custom Portrait

Simpsons Custom Portrait Happy Tooned

If you have a hardcore Simpsons fan in your life, this would be the perfect way to surprise them. A portrait of them sitting on the iconic Simpsons couch!! Nothing can top this!


Personalized Big Mouth Artwork

Personalized Big Mouth artwork Happy Tooned

If your partner loves Big Mouth, they deserve nothing less than a perfect personalized couple portrait of you two sitting in the Jungle, chilling with Connie and Maury.

Star Wars Custom Portrait

Star Wars Custom Portrait Happy Tooned

Galaxy Wars! One day you are watching the show, another day, you are in the show. How exciting does it sound? Become a part of the ultimate Star wars universe by turning your family into the main characters of Star Wars.

Family Guy Custom Family Portrait

Family Guy Custom Family Portrait Happy Tooned

Christmas is around the corner and that part of buying gifts and not knowing what to get is starting to hit, isn’t it? Surprise your loved ones with a custom family guy artwork and get ready for the most incredible unboxing reaction.

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Naruto-style Portrait

Naruto-style Portrait Happy Tooned

Give the Naruto love of your life an unforgettable gift they’ll cherish forever.


Personalized Archer Artwork

Personalized Archer Artwork Happy Tooned

Why just imagine yourself as your favorite show’s characters when you can become them?  This amazing portrait by HappyTooned makes for an amazing gift for an Archer fan!

Demon Slayer Custom Portrait

Demon Slayer Custom Portrait Happy Tooned

If your partner is a Demon Slayer lover, surprise them with this beautiful and thoughtful gift from HappyTooned. A perfect gift for our loved-up couples and is bound to make them smile.

How to order?

  1. Go to Happy Tooned.
  2. Explore the various products listed on the website.
  3. Choose your favorite show/ cartoon- Get drawn as your favorite toon. Choose from the multiple-character options available!
  4. Select the number of characters- choose the number of people you want to create your custom portrait with. Add your friends, family, pets, or even characters from the show!
  5. Pick a background – choose from the template backgrounds or request a unique custom background.
  6. Choose the poster size – Choose the poster size in case you want to get it printed on a framed poster along with the digital file.
  7. Add a description in drawing notes – Describe Clothing, Background, Face, Pose, Names Etc.
  8. Upload your photos for the artist’s reference- Upload all images that you’d like us to refer to while creating your portrait.
  9. Get your artwork within 1-3 days.
  10. Preview, approve, or ask for edits- They provide unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results.

You are just a few clicks away from becoming the best gift giver in your clan. Just submit your reference pictures and drawing notes and leave the rest to their amazing artists.

Guest post by Happy Tooned

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