Hush Little Angel

Hush little angel
Don’t you cry
You’ll Never see another family die
Stay here with me and smile all day
I know somehow you’ll find a way
Don’t cry anymore or your wings will turn black
People will take advantage if your emotions lack
People will hurt and misuse you
Cause you distress and grab a couple tissues
Blow your heart out until nothing is left but a hole
Filled with hurtful intent and makes you fold
Listen little angel, you cannot cry
I love seeing you smile, smile so bright
Wraps your wings around my arms
I’ll be the one who’ll keep you warm
I’m afraid that one day
I’ll stumble upon you sitting, looking at the ground as you pound
Your fists into the dirt and making it hurt
Blood covers your knuckles and evil intentions portraits your heart
Come be with me and not sit in the dark

Hush little angel
Don’t you cry
No one else
Will see you die


A modern day ninja with a collections of swords, You will normally find him with his nose in a book like Kakashi Hatake, watching anime or playing video games. He loves writing and when he isn't he's working on his music or being spider-cop, solving cases for his friends and those around him.

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