Similar Shows: Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha

Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha: Which do you like more? I’ve read both the manga versions and watched the anime shows for these. After seeing Kamisama Kiss, I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to Inuyasha. So I took to asking readers and other anibloggers what they thought (or if they’ve ever seen both).

One of the main sources and ideas comes from aminoapps. You can read it here for their version. This article is basically the same ideas and article expanded on. And of course, Myanime2go doesn’t own Inuyasha or Kamisama Kiss.

First Similar Reason…

Both Kagome and Nanami are humans with spiritual powers.

kagome inuyasha gif Kamisama  Kiss and Inuyasha

Although Kagome is a priestess while Nanami is a god, they both have purification powers. Albeit in different forms where Kagome’s powers come more directly just from her touch or her arrow, while Nanami’s requires her shikigami to do it together.

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Another convenient power is the ability to command Inuyasha/ Tomoe. Kagome can forcibly get Inuyasha to sit whenever she commands him to do so by saying “Osuwari!”. For Nanami, since she’s a god and Tomoe is her familiar, she can basically command him to do anything as long as she uses her power over him. This of course brings in some funny moments and comedic relief over the course of both shows.

Character wise, both Kagome and Nanami are direct, sincere, brave and most importantly, warm. Both of them have a kind heart that reaches out to everyone around them. Not having the capacity to leave anyone who’s hurting behind, they never fail to brighten the lives of people they encounter, leaving a positive change on the way people view their lives.

Another Similar Moment for Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha

Both of the female protagonists time traveled! I really love it when a story involves traveling back into the past of Japanese history. Kagome traveled back into the feudal era (~500+ years ago) while Nanami traveled back into different times of Tomoe’s past.

Both of them have some relation to the past-lives of the lovers of the male protagonists.


Confusing, but let me explain. Kagome is Kikyo’s reincarnation whom Inuyasha loved very deeply in the past. Yukiji is Nanami’s ancestor (Yukiji was Nanami in some cases when Nanami acted as Yukiji) whom Tomoe loved very much too. Both Kagome and Nanami also had the chance to interact with the past-lovers. It’s heart-wrenching to watch them being forced to look at how Inuyasha/ Tomoe still having Kikyo/ Yukiji in their hearts.

With Inuyasha coming out first, it was a main debate on how similar Kagome and Kikyo looked. We even did a whole article going in-depth for it. There was a great debate on which team a person was on. One of the first OTP/Ship wars before anime became so popular.

Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha: Both males are demons

They’re both canine demons, Inuyasha being a half dog demon and Tomoe being a fox demon. This explains the similarities in their appearances. Both of them have white/ silver hair, however you want to call it. I think a fanfiction even said blounde was described as white/silver. They have adorable, fluffy white ears sticking out and the pupil of their eyes are both cat-like. Oh yeah, not forgetting the sharp claws/ nails they have on their hands.


Character wise, their tsundere personalities are horribly cute in Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha. They always try to hide their feelings whenever Kagome or Nanami does something for them. Their blushes are absolutely adorable! Both of them also have the strong will to protect their loved ones, always placing themselves at the front lines to defend them. I must say that both of them also have really bad tempers, they get annoyed easily and they definitely show no effort trying to hide it.

Both of them have really sad histories of being in love. Inuyasha was tricked into hating Kikyo and never being able to reconcile or discover the truth till many years later. Kikyo made a really big impact on Inuyasha’s life. Being a half-demon, he was looked down on and he never truly belonged anywhere. He was a lot more violent and cruel until he fell in love with Kikyo. She accepted him for who he was and brought out the gentle side of him.

For Tomoe, Yukiji’s inevitable death was what scarred him so deeply. Being a demon, they would outlive humans by many centuries. The lifespan of a human is probably seen as a second to them. That’s why falling in love but never being able to be with their loved one will always leave a painful memory on Tomoe.

Moreover, because of how Kikyo and Yukiji are both humans, Inuyasha and Tomoe also wanted to change into a human so that they can always live alongside them. Kikyo and Yukiji respectively was of paramount importance that they were willing to forgo the life and abilities they were used to.


The relationships between Inuyasha and Kagome, and Tomoe and Nanami are very similar too. They both bicker a hell of a lot and they’re always at each others’ necks. Any little thing can spark a heated argument. Nevertheless, they’ll settle their conflict and most of the time, in a very cute way.

Despite the similarities, both anime shows have very different feels to them. Even though Inuyasha has many aspects of comedy to them, it definitely takes on a darker and heavier connotation compared to Kamisama Hajimemashita(Kamisama Kiss).

The emotions felt by Kagome and Kikyo are painfully real and it makes you feel frustrated at how wishy-washy Inuyasha is to feel so much for Kikyo who’s only a corpse. Yet you can’t hate Kikyo for it. On the other hand, Kamisama Hajimemashita is a lot more shoujo-ish with the light, fluttery feels. Nevertheless, if you’re a sucker for Japanese-themed anime with supernatural aspects, they’re both worth checking out!

What other similarities do you see between Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha? Let us know in the comments below!


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