Siren’s Lament: a Webtoon Recommendation

When I first saw this Webtoon, I was captivated by the stunning visuals the creator provided. I knew I would love it and immediately sat down to binge read it (who needs to go to work anyway?) meI need to go to work

So, what’s it about?

Well, in the world of Siren’s Lament, sirens are lonely souls that have been cursed through another siren’s kiss. Formerly human, these would-be sirens receive the curse from another siren, who would be then free of the curse themselves. It is said that a powerful sorcerer known simply as “The Poseidon” was the one who created this curse, and it is The Poseidon that can take it away.

siren's lament lyra

It starts with Lyra, who has a crush on Shon, who is a childhood friend. But he unfortunately has a girlfriend. Cue romantic drama!


One night Lyra goes out to the sea, where she meets a siren named Ian who attempts to pass along Poseidon’s Curse to Lyra. The pair kiss, but instead of Lyra turning into a full-blown mermaid with no memory, the curse is split between the two. Together they must figure out the origins of the curse in order to lift it completely.

siren's lament

Is It Any Good?

“Siren’s Lament” does not have to do much to pull a reader in. A great deal of the plot focuses on the love triangle, and the most attentive readers are those interested in reading about characters pining for one another.

Readers may also enjoy the central mystery of “Siren’s Lament,” which follows Lyra in her quest to learn more about the mysterious creator of all the sirens, known simply as “the Poseidon.” As the answers begin to unfold, you will find themselves sliding quickly through the webtoon while different pieces of foreshadowing begin to line up. Mostly with the connections between Aleah, Lyra and Emila.

siren's lament ian emilia


Emilia, to me, is an interesting character. She met Ian on the beach and the two developed an odd relationship at first since she was married. Emlia was in a troubled relationship with her alcoholic husband and wanted to just run away. Ian wanted her to stay with him so they could start a life together but she tells him it’s too late and runs off.

As a result of Aleah’s sacrifice, Emila, along with other deceased sirens, were revived. She is shown lying briefly unconscious along the shores, wearing a white simple dress. Shortly afterwards, she wakes up, gripping her head. Later on, she arrives at the town, puzzled, but quickly shrugging it off. Presumably, she is there to collect sea shells. She then encounters Ian, with no memory of their past together, and initially seemed perplexed about his presence; though she was quick to warm up to his presence.

In the segments following the afterword, Emila now goes by the name Amy and mistakes Lyra for her sister upon their first encounter. Lyra jokingly comments about the “long-lost sister” concept, before hugging a very elated Amy. In the same series of segments, Amy is hanging out with the other female characters, implying that she is now part of their friend group. She also seems to have reignited her close relationship with Ian, with the two being mischievous partners in crime.

All in all, I highly recommend this webtoon for anyone looking for something new to read.


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