Do you love trying to figure out who the killer is ?
Maybe you enjoy mysteries that really draws out your paranoia and pulls towards psychological as well. Mystery can be so dang great and we have some great mystery anime, manga and game recommendations for you!

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Death Parade – Review

Death Parade, which aired from January to March 2015, was created, written, and directed by Tachikawa Yuzuru. It all started with his short film in 2013,…

10 Best Anime Like Squid Game Seong Gi‑Hun taking part in the second game episode 2 The Man With the Umbrella

10 Best Anime Like Squid Game

Hello! 10 Best Anime Like Squid Game? If like everyone else, you’ve just finished Squid Game on Netflix, you are probably looking for anime similar to…


Gleipnir Review

We were brought together by destiny Clair Aoki, Gleipnir  Is Gleipnir anime any good? Is it Worth Watching? And when will we get a Second Season…