Worst Anime of All Time!

You always see lists of all the best anime of all time but it’s rare to see them for the WORST anime of all time. So I decided to bug my roommates and ask around to see what people thought the worst anime of all time would be.

FLCL aka Fooly Cooly

FLCL has been labeled as a masterpiece and something pleasantly different. If an anime show has this much praise, the I’m expecting something enjoyable and funny.

Sadly, FLCL did not offer anything but pain.

There is absolutely no story behind this anime. It is just six episodes of disjointed scripts that attempt to fuse together as many genres as possible then injected with pointless crude humor.


Many would argue that this show is nothing but a random and nonsensical arrangement of spontaneous events. It’s full of pointless and meaningless slapstick humor that cheapens the show, makes it impossible to take seriously as an anime and gives it a “loony toons” vibe of immaturity.

Aho Girl

Overall, if you are looking for a short anime with endless comedy gags with no clear story or plot but just laughter, then this anime is for you. It’s slightly lewd, but over the top comedy.

However, Aho Girl is also painful to watch. While doing a comedy list, I came across this anime. I made it about five minutes before I caved. Seriously, this anime made me want to bang my head against a wall and scream. More so than Diabolic Lovers ever did.

First and foremost, this show is simply not funny. Aho Girl makes a spectacle of itself – presenting faux-meaningful observations; idolizing its vapid female lead; overindulging in panty shots; while accomplishing absolutely nothing in the end.


The testament of Sister New Devil or Shinmai Maou no Testament

In my opinion this show is just bad.

First of all half, the show is unwatchable. Half of the show is white bars of light covering the screen during the more sexual oriented scenes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like staring at anything for almost 3 to 5 minutes at a time, with an occasional face or backside appearing in a shot.

Second, the story is just so messy and all over the place. Most of the story makes little to no sense, due to plot holes. You may argue that it isn’t about the story, but the point is the story tries to bring in characters and world building it didn’t even need.

Overall, feel free to disagree, but there is so much holding this series back. There are some interesting ideas sprinkled here and there, but not a single one of them were represented properly here. This is simply a mediocre show, just not worth anyone’s time, not even the most hardcore of ecchi anime fans. 


I love the Houshin Engi manga, so when I saw it was going to receive another anime, I was hopeful this one would cover the whole story and do a decent job on its adaptation. Sadly, I was wrong. The first episode already shows big differences between the two. The story is badly told. You can’t understand much if you don’t know it already.


I still recommend the manga, but this anime shouldn’t exist.

Most viewers will not like this anime for two simple reasons: It’s not very good and most of all, not very enjoyable either. It walks the path of mediocrity without even trying to be anything. The outcome is very bland and a total lackluster. 

This adaptation did surprisingly many questionable choices. First and foremost is the lack of introduction. Viewers are quite directly thrown into a random world around random characters. Nothing is explained, things just somewhat are there and stuff happens because it does.

THE MASTER OF RAGNAROK & BLESSER OF EINHERJAR or Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria

Even when stacked up against Isekai abominations like Death March and Isekai wa Smartphone, it still somehow manages to be even worse! In fact, this might just be the worst Isekai anime that I’ve seen to date, and considering the generally poor quality of the genre, that’s really saying something. So yes, this anime is definitely incredible!


Incredibly bad.

This anime doesn’t even bother to start with the protagonist getting inexplicably transported to a fantasy world. When we’re introduced to him, he’s already been in another world for two years, so it’s almost like this isn’t even an Isekai anime. Anyway, our protagonist, named Super Ultra Omnipotent Usurper, or Suou for short, is a perfect being in every way! He’s the most morally just and relatable character ever, is a military genius, and, most importantly, gets all the women! Actually, only the latter is true, but the anime still desperately tries to give him character traits that make him more than just a chick magnet.

Too bad they fail miserably.

Suou is a conqueror, plain and simple. Not of nations, but of women. Yet what makes him stand out from his fellow Kirito clones? Well, Suou is unique in that when he claims a girl as his property, he makes her a part of his “family.” That’s right, this guy forces his women to become his little sisters and daughters. Then makes them address him as “papa” and “big brother.” He also doesn’t seem to give a crap about his soldiers and doesn’t bat an eye when they’re slaughtered in combat. And the best part is that the writers still try to portray him as an “I am holier than thou” type of character.

Thanks to the solar-powered smartphone that Suou just so happens to have, our hero is able to look up military tactics of great historical leaders like Alexander the Great and Sun Tzu and implement them in battles. Of course, you really can’t tell what battle strategies are being used during fight scenes due to the hideous visuals that make everything look like an utter mess.

A random red haired dude in this anime wisely said “the details don’t matter.” I think the writers must have taken that sentence to heart. Nothing about this anime makes any sense. The plot goes nowhere, and the characters are painfully bland and annoying.


Goblin Slayer

“Anyone who likes/dislikes this show is a Nazi/Libtard.” – The state of the anime community after episode 1.

I think it’s fair to say that no other anime has caused such controversy and overwhelming divide amongst anime fans after a single episode like Goblin Slayer has. A scene lasting around fifteen seconds featuring a character being raped receiving more condemnation than every other anime airing this year.

So, feel free to watch Goblin Slayer if you enjoy dark-fantasy and have a tolerance for uncomfortable content. Or skip it, because truth told, Goblin Slayer was never really worth caring that much about in the first place.


Hanoka was the very first full fledged anime series to be animated completely in Flash. This is a terrible mistake. The flash makes the animation look unnatural, especially when viewing the characters. The faces and heads do not look right at all, and the faces show no expression on them what so ever. I do applaud the makers for trying flash, but it appears that the technology has come nowhere close to make it worthwhile.


I’m not really sure what I expected from this show initially. I’m all for new techniques used in any kind of context, and given that this Anime series had been animated entirely in Flash format, I thought of it as perhaps something exciting.

Throughout the show, we see the usual, predictable scenes such as “I’ll fight to protect you”, “he gave me a reason to live”, and “aagh you fatally injured him and now my powers increased tenfold because of my emotional distress”. The originality of the show is close to zero. No, if it’s a proper story you’re looking for, then this isn’t it.

Also the ending has got to be the worst ending I have ever seen to an anime series. Terrible does not even begin to describe Hanoka.

Ghost Stories Gakkou no Kaidan

The thing about this anime is that it is actually REALLY really bad. It bombed in Japan and it is easy to see why.



Aniplex was handed the English dub of the show, knowing it was a failure in Japan and it SEEMS they didn’t take the dub too seriously. So what do we get? The best dub that has ever been done ever.
Let me try to explain; the voice actors decided to add really adult jokes, often breaking the fourth wall and mocking the show itself. It’s like a fandub with comedians or an Abridged series, but full episodes.

To me, there was a certain formula for watching this show. It’s definitely not a series someone should marathon. Nope, it should be enjoyed an episode or two at a time. Any more and you’ll find yourself sick of the studpidity.
 Ghost stories is so bad it’s good. The show gets most of its fame from being so awful and the dub so hilarious.

My advice to you is to watch the Dub. Bear in mind, the adult humor may be offputting to younger audiences. Or if you get offended easily, then please do NOT watch this. Ghost Stories English dub tries to be offensive to everyone and it succeeds.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with this list? What animes do you hate? Let me know in the comments below!

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