Why Did Naruto Marry Hinata?

Naruto and Hinata are unique couples in the Naruto series. Their love stories are not roses and peaches at all. Let’s have a look at why did Naruto marry Hinata.

Although Naruto had a huge crush on Sakura and there was a triangle of love between Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke, Naruto eventually chose to marry Hinata Hyuuga. So, why did Naruto marry Hinata?

Was it because they were connected by their fateful meeting during their childhood? or was it because they were connected by the red strings of fate?

Hence, without any further ado, let’s dive into the unique relationship between Hinata and Naruto.

Why Did Naruto Marry Hinata?

Before we get to the answer to why did Naruto marry Hinata, let’s have a quick look at their first official meeting at the ninja academy.


Although Naruto and Hinata first met once during their childhood when the former saved the latter, it was not the same at the academy.

Naruto’s very first impression of Hinata was that she was a “weird” and “silent” person. Their first interaction in the series was when Hinata offered to help Naruto cheat from her answer paper during a test and also while Hinata offered Naruto ointment after his preliminary match.


Secondly, during Rinata’s fight with Neji, Naruto cheered for Hinata and defended her as well when she was getting insulted by Neji. Later, Naruto accepted Hinata as weird but also admitted to liking her. Later, many plots and events in the series led to the romantic relationship between Naruto and Hinata.

Hinata, likewise, didn’t fall for Naruto at first sight. It was always admiration from her side that eventually led to romantic feelings. Here are some reasons why Naruto and Hinata chose each other.


Hinata’s Admiration for Naruto

Hinata was impressed by Naruto’s persistence to win and his dedication and ambition to train hard. She also admired how Naruto never gave up on any of his complicated tasks.

Throughout the series, Hinata always supported Naruto and defended him against anyone and vice versa.

Tied By The Red Strings of Fate

The Red Thread in Naruto Series is the thread that links two souls who are meant for each other. This is a Chinese legend that depicts soulmates. Naruto and Hinata were both linked to each other through this thread.

One way or another, they were bound to fall for each other. This thread and their feelings for each other appeared more in The Last: Naruto The Movie. It also showed how Naruto and Hinata met during their childhood, and the effects of the red strings as well.


Before, Naruto couldn’t remember meeting Hinata in his childhood. Hinata kept Naruto’s old scarf to herself till the present. Naruto’s memory of Hinata activated when he touched his old scarf that was with Hinata all the time.

Complicated Relationship

Unlike Sasuke and Sakura, the relationship between Naruto and Hinata was quite complicated.

Their love story, relationship, and their decision to marry weren’t shown in a continuing perspective. Even in the manga, there was no specific continuity to their relationship.

In the series, Naruto and Hinata confessed to each other. They had very few scenes with each other in the episodes.


Naruto proposed to Hinata in “The Last” movie. The NaruHina couple decided to marry without any dating or anything.

Naruto Can Make Hinata Laugh

There have been a few episodes where Hinata laughed, and there are also very few people who could make Hinata laugh wholeheartedly.

Her self-conscious personality never let her interact with everyone openly. Some of the rare happy moments were when Naruto and Hinata enjoyed ramen with some friends. While discussing a friend’s sunglasses, both Naruto and Hinata shared a good laugh.


The viewers saw Hinata laughing out wholeheartedly during her wedding. Naruto’s former mentor Iruka hilariously commented on Naruto and apologized to Hinata, making her laugh a lot. Hence, it can be said that only Naruto can make Hinata laugh.


Both of Them Had Complicated Childhood

There is a saying that people with the same pain understand each other. It was the same in the case of Naruto and Hinata. The events in their life were different but still, both of them had troubled childhood.

Naruto being a vessel for Kurama, the nine-tailed beast, was always feared and considered a monster himself. The villagers branded him as an outsider in the Hidden-Leaf Village.

With no home, no parents, and no other family members to look after him, Naruto was a lonely boy ignored by the world. Being bullied, isolated, and beaten also roughened up his mind a lot. Hence, he had a bold personality.


On the other hand, Hinata was the heir to another well-known ninja clan, the Hyuuga Clan. Since childhood, she has had a soft personality. She never liked the harsh training making her father harsher on her during training.


While Naruto wanted to stand out more and become more powerful due to being an outcast his whole life, Hinata wanted to blend in more because his father criticized her a lot. Hence, these two souls got balanced as a whole in pain as well.

Naruto Hinata FAQs

How did Naruto propose to Hinata?

Naruto proposed to Hinata in The Last: Naruto The Movie. It was Hinata who had her feelings for Naruto first that made Naruto reciprocate her feelings. The duo confessed to each other after the Great Shinobi War.


Why did Naruto choose Hinata instead of Sakura?

Although Naruto had feelings for Sakura for a long time, he ended up choosing Hinata. This is because Hinata respected and admired him from the beginning, and was the only one who stood up for him against anyone, which made his love for Hinata even more.

When did Naruto get married?

Naruto and Hinata got married in the 494th episode of the series titled “Naruto’s Wedding”. The fragments of their wedding moments were also shown in the movie.



That’s the story behind why Naruto married Hinata. Unlike the Sakura-Sasuke couple, which wasn’t so popular or detailed in their love story.

The reason for their marriage was because they admired each other, wanted to protect each other and stayed with each other their whole life. After all, they were all to each other, a true family.




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