20 Biggest Gaming Conventions and Championships

Gaming conventions and championships can be really big, with a lot of exciting gaming news coming out these months we decided to look at the biggest and most exciting ones. Hey everyone and welcome to our blog!

Why should you be interested in these events? Well, gaming has grown a lot, especially with the pandemic, it has exploded. With new systems and technologies, pushing what can be brought to life, gaming is now a bigger part of the entertainment industry. Thanks to that we have seen more gaming expos, conventions, and championships.

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If you are a gamer, gaming conventions and championships are like an oasis where you get to play new games, win cool game merch, meet gaming rockstars, find new game genres you love, appreciate games more, meet in person more like-minded gamers, hear and see first-hand what games are being released.

Biggest Gaming Conventions and Championships in no particular order.


China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference


Held in Shanghai, China the ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is the largest gaming expo and conference held in China. With many huge game developers especially based throughout Asia, showcasing their games meaning attendees get to experience over 3,500 games.

At ChinaJoy there is a lot to do and experience. I wonder if China’s Gaming Crackdown Expansion will affect it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships also known as the Majors, is an esports tournament sponsored by Valve with a current prize pool of US$2,000,000. First hosted in Sweden in 2013, the sixteenth 2020 championship was supposed to be held in Brazil but was canceled.

The tournament features 24 teams from around the world and I would like to be a part of it.. (I want that prize money plus it would be cool to play games for a living)




IgroMir is a game expo organized in Moscow by the committee of the Russian Game Developers Conference since 2006. It isn’t well-known outside Russia but has quickly grown to a 4-day event, with cosplay and plenty of games from all genres.

The first day of the gaming convention though is reserved for industry members, the press, and VIPs. So don’t be expecting to see a lot of excitement the first day except you fall into one of the earlier mentioned categories. So definitely catch IgroMir if you can.

Fortnite World Cup


Made by Epic Games, Fortnite World Cup is a yearly event with one of the biggest prize pools in gaming championships so far. Fortnite World Cup is an annual esports competition based on the video game Fortnite, which is a pretty big free-to-play Battle Royale game with three distinct game modes that boasts a playstyle for every gamer.

The last event was won by 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf, known online as Bugha, who took home the US$3 million grand prize. (why can’t I be good at battle royale games!)


San Diego Comic-Con International


San Diego Comic-Con International has been held annually in San Diego, California, United States since 1970. It is one of the biggest comic book conventions however over the years it has expanded its scope and video games have become a staple of the convention, with even game announcements.

Even though gaming is just one part of the convention, gamers are not left out of this mammoth convention.

Rocket League Championship Series


With a prize pool of US$6 million, The Rocket League Championship Series is another amazing esports game championship produced by Psyonix. Top teams from North America, Europe, and Oceania will compete at this LAN event to determine the World Champion and leaving with the respect of the gaming community and cash prizes.

Rocket League is an interesting vehicular arcade-style soccer game that’s been going strong since 2015. It’s a game I recommend to get non-soccer fans interested in the sport, it’s fun, competitive and there are so many ways to play.



Penny Arcade Expo


At number 14 of best gaming conventions is PAX, a worldwide event convention that takes place annually in cities in the United States and Australia. It has a space for indie games, new developers, and popular game developers involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.

PAX is a popular gaming culture festival that brings roughly 70,000 like-minded gaming enthusiasts together in different locations. It’s another gaming event gamers should experience at least once.

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Overwatch World Cup


Organized by Blizzard Entertainment, The Overwatch World Cup is an annual international esports tournament. It is one of the most anticipated esports events of the year. The tournament sees the world’s best Overwatch players put their franchise pro teams aside to represent their country.


Another interesting thing about The Overwatch World Cup is no matter how far teams progress in the tournament, every team in the final receives the same amount of prize money. Everyone’s a winner, there are no losers.


Music And Gaming Festival


MAGFest is an annual four-day-long festival held in Washington to celebrate my two best things right now: video game music and gaming of all types. It also showcases all their surrounding culture, letting you meet face-to-face with the convention hosts panels of animators, musicians, and gaming personalities. It is an event made with a lot of love.



DreamHack is both a gaming and esports production company based in Sweden with the world’s fastest internet connection. The festival consists of cosplay, LAN parties, and new games spread out over eight countries and three continents. It is an amazing event that brings game lovers from around the world closer together.


Capcom Cup


Capcom Cup is an annual fighting game tournament specifically focused on the Street Fighter series. That has 16 to 32 players competing to win a US$500,000 prize pool. The Capcom Cup brings together players and spectators from all over the world to share their love of fighting games.

Capcom’s Street Fighter is a classic, I remember my elder brother bringing it home from one of his computer game trades and I loved the rooster of quirky characters and the brutal but fun game mechanics.


Essen Game Fair


Held in October, Spiel is an annual four-day board game trade fair unlike your typical gaming convention, it hardly has any video games showcases. Focusing more on the interactions and feelings you get while playing board games. Board games are timeless, fun, and arguably one of the best games to have at a gaming convention, showing proof of one of the longest forms of gaming continuing to survive and grow.



Eurogamer Expo

egx_eurogamer_event_convention_20 Biggest Gaming Conventions and Championships

At number eight on our list is EGX, similar to PAX and E3, the expo takes place in the UK and is one of the biggest of its kind. Making it a convention that shouldn’t be missed if you are in the UK, having something for everyone with new games showcase, cosplay, and in-person looks at the new changes coming to gaming. EGX is a gaming expo for every fandom in the community.

League of Legends World Championship


One of the esports originals, the League of Legends World Championship is the annual professional League of Legends world championship tournament hosted by Riot Games. With teams and leagues all over the globe, the world cup championships are the pinnacle of League of Legends tournaments with 2 teams from 14 countries competing to win a cool Summoner’s Cup, and a multi-million-dollar championship prize.



BlizzCon is an annual gaming convention held by Blizzard Entertainment to promote its major franchises like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. Showcasing what’s new for the upcoming year and talking about what’s likely to come in the future.


Tokyo Game Show



At number five is the Tokyo Game Show held annually in Japan. The expo is one of the biggest well-known and loved gaming conventions. It tells all on gaming release dates and games that are currently in production, especially if it’s not said at E3.

The Tokyo Game Show is a convention that gives gamers a setting in which they can connect with their peers and have fun.

FIFAe World Cup

FIFA Interactive World Cup

FIFAe World Cup_cup_logo

The FIFAe World Cup is an eSport tournament held by FIFA and EA Sports, where the world’s best players, clubs, and nations compete to be known as the best and win a big cash prize playing the latest in the series FIFA football video game.

To qualify all you have to do is either win at least 27 games in a single Weekend League or win local qualifying tournaments.


Electronic Entertainment Expo


E3 is an amazing gaming exhibition where many developers, publishers, hardware, and accessory manufacturers use the exhibition to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise to retailers, members of the press, and gamers.


As the Tokyo Game Show, E3 is another place to keep an eye on when you want to find out about all gaming release dates, games that are currently in production, and the future of gaming.

International Esports Federation


Set up as an Olympics-style competition, the teams at the International eSports Federation World Championships compete on behalf of their countries. The competition comprises different games like MOBAs, fighting games, first-person shooters, etc. The International Esports Federation is a global organization in South Korea whose mission is to have electronic sports recognized as legitimate sport.



At number one on our list is Gamescom, a video games trade held annually in Germany and are just as big as E3 if not bigger. Announcements made at the event are usually some of the biggest and best you can get at a gaming convention.

With so much to see and hear at Gamescom, it is not surprising it sees attendants of 370,000 people coming from far and wide all over the world.


Honourable Mentions

  • Brasil Game Show
  • Call of Duty Championship
  • Arcanacon
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • KapCon
  • Pokemon World Championships
  • FallCon

And I am done! What were your favorites? Did you think I missed one? Have you attended any of these? Let us know in the comments section we would love to hear from you.

Till next time…remember you’re amazing and don’t you forget!!!

Thanks for reading!


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