6 Good Games that explore the Afterlife

Death is not be a topic that most people can find any comfort in, so games in which players explore an afterlife can be a somber theme. I mean who doesn’t get a bit scared thinking of their own mortality, loved ones, leaving behind family and friends.

Toradora! Aisaka Taiga looking embarassed worried overthinking

Here are 6 games that try to change that. Leaving you feeling comfortable, uplifted and hopeful. Some with text based play, charm, puzzles, platforming and others with adventuring.

6 games seeking to ease the terror of death;

I Am Dead

I Am Dead game Annapurna Interactive Hollow Ponds, Richard Hogg
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

I Am Dead is a cute, colourful, charming puzzle game about a ghost dog and a ghost, Lupton in the afterlife.


You play as Lupton trying to stop a volcano from erupting. You go around the island with your new powers, peering into the mind of residents, tourists and objects learning more about the island and its inhabitants past and present. 

It’s a very slow paced game, with a welcome and unique approach to the subject of death.

Nirvana – Game of Life 🤟

Nirvana - Game of Life GoldTusks
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher: GoldTusks
  • Platforms: Android, iOS

Nirvana – Game of Life is a mobile game where the choices you make using a swipe left or right type of gameplay, decides your destiny from the moment your player is born till they die and sometimes the effects carry over into your new life when you are reborn.

Nirvana – Game of Life focuses on reincarnation, living different lives, exploring different choices, a supreme being and trying to break the cycle of life and death.


I liked how choices had a rippling effect on your life as a whole, sometimes small or big. The idea you got a chance to do it all over again the whole life thing was also kind of comforting in a way. It reminded me to appreciate the small things and that all we could really do in all situations was the best we are at that moment in time and that was fine.



Spiritfarer Thunder Lotus Games, Thunder Lotus
  • Release date: 2020
  • Publisher: Thunder Lotus Games, Thunder Lotus
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Combining colorful art and strong writing Spiritfarer makes the dreaded subject, death, the afterlife and other heavy topics seem like a warm hug.

In Spiritfarer, you play as Stella, who along with her cute cat Daffodil help guide spirits to the afterlife. A job you get after Charon, inspired by the ferryman of Hades in Greek mythology, retires from that same position.

You will sail around a fantasy world gathering spirits and convincing them to board your ship. Caring for them, helping them with problems both big and small until they are finally ready to go to the afterlife.


As the game goes on you will meet spirits that will be very relatable too, remind you of a loved one and resonate with you even after you take them to the Everdoor for a final goodbye. These moments are easily the most emotional as the spirit reflects on their life, their regrets and their loved ones before accepting their fate, giving Stella one last hug and finally crossing over to the other side. 

Spiritfarer is very calming, comforting and helps remind us to enjoy the precious time we have with loved ones.


Afterlife (video game)

Afterlife (video game) The Walt Disney Company, Lucasarts, Lucasfilm
  • Release date: 1996
  • Publisher: The Walt Disney Company, Lucasarts, Lucasfilm
  • Platforms: Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh

In Afterlife, with the assistance of Aria Goodhalo, an angel, and Jasper Wormsworth, a demon. You play as a semi-omnipotent being known as a Demiurge, helping the powers that be, create a functional Heaven and Hell to reward or punish the residents of these two places, allowing the afterlife to function properly.


Afterlife is a SimCity meets the life-after-death zone with a quirky sense of humor.

Afterlife’s incredible sense of humor and great story development made the idea of what comes after the end, being a fun city builder funny and charming to think about.



Evergate ki PQube, Stone Lantern Games LLC
  • Release date: 18 August 2020
  • Publisher: PQube, Stone Lantern Games LLC
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Evergate is a beautiful game with an interesting little story about exploring an afterlife full of charm, puzzles, platforming, and adventure.

Evergate follows Ki, a soul like entity with the ability to look into past memories. Navigating through the afterlife, Ki will revisit locations from the past to learn more about herself to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries and save the Afterlife from ruin.


Evergate takes us on a journey, looking at existence and trying to make sense of it, or the meaning of life, or potential life lessons. And depicts a type of afterlife that is both charming and punishing at the same time.


Afterparty Night School Studio
  • Release date: 2019
  • Publisher: Night School Studio
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, macOS

“Were dead and there’s a God” – Sang Bong or as he prefers Milo.

Afterparty is an adventure game set in Hell, that looks like a college town. Players navigate conversations and play games with other residents of hell, and try to outdrink Satan, and return two best friends, Milo and Lola Woolfe from the afterlife.

Afterparty tries to answer the bigger questions with its own original view of a darkly funny afterlife, looking at relationships, growing up, and what it means to be a good person.

Afterparty made a theme and setting that would usually bring players discomfort into one that had me chuckling to the end.


And with that I am done. Do you think there is a game that deserves to be on the list tell me in the comment section below.

Till next time…


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