Top 15 Awesome Indie Games You Should Play in 2024

Discover the top 15 indie games for 2024, highlighting the freshest releases of the year! From immersive stories to innovative gameplay mechanics, these games promise to deliver unforgettable experiences for players seeking something new and exciting.

15. Duelists of Eden

From the creator of One Step From Eden Thomas Moon Kang, Duelists of Eden is a card-grid-fighting game where players build decks and battle online in real time. With over 14 unique characters, players create creative spell combinations to defeat opponents using slashes, fire, or bombs.

Additionally, priced at just $5 and available for Windows, macOS, and SteamOS+Linux, all cosmetics in the game can be unlocked by playing matches.

14. Psychopomp

PSYCHOPOMP is a chilling dungeon crawler where you descend into catacombs hidden beneath every building, discovering unsettling truths long kept secret. With classic gameplay, you will encounter grotesque creatures and unearth strange secrets.


Now that the official synopsis is out of the way, you’ll find yourself stepping into the shoes of a rather quirky girl with schizophrenia who wields a satisfyingly swinging hammer. However, she can’t be fixed. Probably. You can play this unique game only on Windows 10.

13. Anomaly Agent

In Anomaly Agent, you play as Agent 70, stopping anomalies that threaten the world. The game uses anomaly weapons to defeat enemies, offers character upgrades, features acrobatic moves to escape pursuers, and allows players to shape the story’s outcome.

With smooth gameplay, pixel graphics, and catchy music, it’s a modern take on a classic genre that everyone should experience. Available on PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

12. Antipaint

A really fun and simple rogue-lite game, Antipaint is a great choice for anyone who enjoys rogue-like games. It’s available exclusively for Windows.


In this game, you’ll fight famous works of art in action-packed battles. Each level you win becomes a masterpiece to add to your collection!

11. Exanimum: The Silent Call

Exanimum: The Silent Call is a first-person indie horror game where Jason and his daughter Jessica encounter terrifying events on their journey to Greenfield town. As they explore the forest, they face an eerie silence and constant fear.

With realistic sound effects and graphics, players are immersed in a tension-filled experience, uncovering terrifying secrets along the way. It’s available exclusively for Windows.

10. KinitoPET

KinitoPET, the underrated indie gem of 2024 by troy_en, is exclusively tested for Windows 10. The center of the eerie experience is Kinito, an early 2000s virtual assistant.


What makes it scary is that parts of the game take place on your actual desktop, bringing the horror to your real-life environment. With its unique ability to interact with your PC, KinitoPET can even detect if you’re running programs like OBS or using multiple monitors, introducing scares tailored to your setup.


It always amazes me that one developer can create a beloved game for so many. Such is the case with SUMMERHOUSE, which is available exclusively on macOS and Windows.

The game is simple and serene, with no stress at all. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy yourself while you design and build your own miniature neighborhoods in different settings.

8. BlazBlue Entropy Effect

BB Entropy Effect combines action rogue-lite and fighting games, offering exciting combat and impressive animations. The game features characters from the BlazBlue series, each with a unique style. Although more levels and characters would be nice, the game is still fun to play and has potential for future updates.


Developed by 91Act and licensed by Arc System Works, it’s available on iOS, Android, and PC. In the game, players explore different worlds, battle enemies, and uncover hidden stories.

7. A Difficult Game About Climbing

The name of this game is pretty self-explanatory, there is more surprise to this game than meets the eye. Not only was it created only by one developer called
Pontypants, but it’s also one of the hottest indie games you can play on Windows in 2024!

You’ll use only your mouse to climb a tough mountain with lots of challenges and surprises. Since you can’t use your legs, it will be tricky but rewarding.

6. Minami Lane

Minami Lane, developed by Doot and Blibloop, was launched in late February 2024. It’s a cute management game where you build and look after a Japanese street.


The game brings you joy with its soft pastel colors, happy villagers, cute tanukis, and lots of cats. With 2 to 4 hours of fun, it’s the perfect indie game to enjoy in 2024 for those who seek a wholesome experience.

5. Murders on the Yangtze River

Murders on Yangtze River, developed by OMEGames Studio, is a detective game set in early 20th century China. Players solve cases along the Yangtze River, enjoying logical gameplay and an immersive atmosphere.

The English version launched on Friday, March 15th, 2024, and it’s available for Windows and MacOS. Fans of the game appreciate its gripping story, plot twists, and insight into Chinese history.

4. Secrets of Grindea

Secrets of Grindea, released in February 2024, took almost a decade to develop. Created by Pixel Ferrets, a team of three game design students from Sweden, this charming action RPG is available for XP/Vista/Windows 7/10/11 and supports co-op for up to 4 players.


Inspired by classic SNES games, you can explore a rich world with over 300 characters, play with friends, customize your character with spells and skills, defeat epic bosses, and even enjoy various side activities like home design, fishing, crafting, pet taming, mini-games, and gardening.

3. Backpack Battles

Despite the PVP tag on Steam, Backpack Battles is a relaxing and chill game that might help you produce some serotonin. The game is, however, available only on Windows and Linux.

The game is simple yet fun: players buy rare and legendary items and then organize them in their backpacks to create powerful combinations. After that, they fight against other players using their customized backpacks full of items.

2. Sea of Stars 

Released in August 2023, Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG set in the same universe as The Messenger by Sabotage Studio. It’s available on various platforms like Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. So far, it has received praise from both critics and players, making it a great indie game choice for 2024.


Once in the game, the story focuses on two heroes named Valere and Zale. They use the power of the sun and moon to battle against the creations of an evil alchemist. The game involves puzzle-solving and turn-based combat, with players able to control up to six characters.

1. Sheepy: A Short Adventure

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of my plushies coming to life and becoming my friends, talking to me when I was lonely. In Sheepy: A Short Adventure, a plushie comes alive, but finds itself abandoned in a forgotten and broken world where it fights evil.

The game, created by MrSuicideSheep, has become a hit for its great music and adorable pixel art. With glowing reviews on Steam, Sheepy is a free indie game exclusive to Windows that you definitely don’t want to miss in 2024!


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