5 Anime Bloggers You Need to Be Following Now

When I first began blogging, I didn’t realize how many others there were in my niche. All the bloggers I knew blogged about fashion, lifestyle…and of course, blogging. But that’s because, as I soon learned, I was using mostly Facebook groups. And my niche was mainly on Twitter. And also on Tumblr…

But we don’t talk about Tumblr here…

It was such a relief knowing that there are others like me. In fact, we’re called anibloggers. Or in simpler terms, anime bloggers. Suddenly, I had this huge community, with people just like me, who had a passion for writing and anime. It was incredible. I joined the OWLS community and in the best way, I felt less alone.

Now I want to introduce to ya’ll, 5 of the BEST anime bloggers that you need to be following. If you want to stay up to date, then these will be your peeps. Not only are they all gifted writers, but they all also bring something unique to the table and you’ll feel like you’re home.


5 Anime Bloggers You Need to Be Following Now

Rai’s Anime Blog

This was the first one I had found. Rai goes IN-DEPTH with issues that may seem controversial but are always open-minded and I’m just blown away each time. Rai does go into Yuri(Japanse Animation of girl and girl relationship, much like Yaoi is male and male). Personally, I think this is great. So many people shy away from such things, but I think that open communication is key. More people need to understand and accept this.

Let’s Talk Anime

If you want someone to do a complete breakdown of your favorite shows, then this one is perfect for you. Not only that, but she does cosplays as well. When I first began reading her blog, she was doing a 30-day writing challenge. There’s a quick wit and laughter put into her articles and I always have so much fun reading them.

The AniMessenger

Their profile first caught my eye since it was original and funny. Once I read a few of their posts, I was hooked! You’ll find completed reviews on each episode of anime. A TRUE anime blogger.

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A Nerdy Perspective

I loved their “perspective” on anime. Much like my own writing, Sam goes into issues such as how anime helped cure them of their phobia, and if humans and robots can fall in love. No matter what question you have, this blog is perfect for any nerd.


Mechanical Anime Reviews

Scott is a new friend that I made through the OWLS group and his writing is fantastic! I loved his articles on the upsides AND downsides of anime blogging.

Of course, this is just FIVE of some of the best anime bloggers. I’m sure that there are so many others! As I get more involved in the OWLS community, I know I’ll meet a ton more. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to update this list to hold a higher number!

Let me know if you have any favorite anibloggers, or what you thought in the comments below! Don’t forget to check our Gift Guides for some of the best anime merch!

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