AniBrain’s Endless Recommendations for Anime and Manga

Who is your favorite non-MC anime character? For Chidi, it’s Lemillion from My Hero Academia. They share a common goal: to help at least a million people. Chidi, an anime fan and tech enthusiast, is tackling that goal through AniBrain, an anime and manga recommendation engine. With the motto, “A recommendation a day keeps the boredom away,” Chidi has set out to help anime watchers and manga readers get the most out of what they love.

Because there are a good deal of anime and manga, endless recommendations are now possible, the list generated by AniBrain’s AI is so lengthy that it might as well be limitless! Introducing AniBrain, a recommendation engine for anime and manga. AniBrain generates great recommendations for any title you search for by using key elements that all anime and manga have, such as narrative, genres, and so on. The recommendation sites’ user interface is like Google or Bing.

How works?

You type in a title you’re interested in, and voilà, you’ve got an “endless” list of recommended titles to check out, each with a similarity score. If we search for an anime like Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the most entertaining anime I’ve watched so far.


I’ve seen Blue Exorcist and understand why it’s rated 93 percent comparable to Jujutsu Kaisen. Without giving too much away, both are action anime in which the protagonist gains access to the power of an evil force (Jujutsu Kaisen is about curses; Blue Exorcist is about demons) and uses it to fight other evil forces. What makes the recommendation engine so powerful is that it compares the searched title to every other title to get similarity scores without considering popularity. This means you’ll be able to uncover hidden gems! I’d never heard of “Beyond the Boundary” until AniBrain, yet it has a 91 percent similarity score. After watching it, I can say that it is really similar!

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There’s also a random generator for those of you who are new to anime or manga and don’t know what to look for! There’s even a manga, light novel, and one shot recommendation generator.


Recommendations are just a click away here! By adjusting the settings and filters, you may choose what kind of random content you get. You’ll get a list of random recommendations when you click the “Generate Random” button.

Final Thoughts

AniBrain’s mission is to assist individuals in discovering new anime to watch or manga to read. It makes no difference how well-known the title is. If it’s in our database, you’ll be able to get endless recommendations for it! You can also be sure that you won’t get the same suggestions you typically get when looking through other recommendation engines because the engine doesn’t consider the general popularity of the titles. The site also provides filters to refine the recommendations to your liking.


Guest post by Chidi from AniBrain


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