Fruits Basket is Getting a Reboot?!?!

Fruits Basket Reboot


The release date for the new Fruits Basket Reboot has been narrowed down. It was finally revealed that the Fruits Basket 2019 anime will premiere in Japan in April. This will be the Spring 2019 anime season for us Westerners.

The new series will adapt the original manga more closely than the first 26 episode anime adaptation produced by Studio Deen. Even better is that creator Natsuki Takaya has given her approval for the new series. Fans especially will like this since the original took the story in a different direction(though still good).

Instead of being Fruits Basket Season 2, the anime is being rebooted. The character designs, while similar, will be slightly different. Several of the Japanese voice actors have signed on for the new reboot.

Now that the manga’s story has been completed with Volume 23, the Fruits Basket anime will adapt the entirety of the story.


Funimation has licensed the series for a release outside of Japan, so keep an eye on FunimationNow when the series fully debuts. There have been no details as to whether or not the remake series will debut an English dub alongside the Japanese release, but there’s plenty of time for more of that news down the line.

For those of us who don’t know what Fruits Basket is About

The anime is centered around Tohru Honda, a high school girl who is kind and honest. At the start of the anime, she is still struggling to survive after her mother’s tragic death. She is taken into the household of the cursed family, the Sohma’s.

It’s a beautiful anime with heart-touching subjects. There is much you can learn from it and definitely worth buying if the chance should present. There is just about everything in this series: drama, comedy, and romance.

Tohru is a girl who’s gone through a lot in her life. Considering the number of bad events she experienced, you’d expect her to be really introverted and (perhaps) pessimistic. Yet Tohru completely overthrows that. Not only is she happy-go-lucky all the time but also nice to everybody, no matter the circumstances.


What do you think of the upcoming reboot? Let me know your thoughts below!

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