Being an Anime Fan in the Real-World is Hard

being an anime fan in the real world is tough. Here are ten reasons why.

anime fan in the real world….yeah, it’s tough. Here are TEN reasons that it’s tough for someone to be an anime fan in the real world. Brought together by several articles, friends and other anime writers who all brought their opinions to the table.

Naturally, anyone who consumes anime on a regular basis knows that doing so can lead to some interesting issues. Being a fan of anything inevitably leads to problems unique to that fandom, and anime is no different. Ranging from the serious to the silly, these are issues that anyone who doesn’t watch anime just won’t understand.

Let’s get to it!

10. Choosing Between Sub Or Dub

sub-vs-dub-anime-giphy anime fan probems

Choosing between watching an anime in its original language or dubbed has always been one of the most common decisions for anime watchers. Well, maybe for some. More hardcore fans insist on watching them in Japanese in order to remain as faithful to the original source as possible, while more casual fans don’t really mind either way. Both are perfectly viable options, and it is up to the viewer to decide which experience suits them best. For me, it depends on the show. For instance, I prefer subbed for most. BUT, Inuyasha is one of the few that I prefer dubbed over subbed.


9. Knowing words like Twincest and being okay with it

twincest ouran high school host club. being an anime fan in the real world is tough

Just the fact that I know the word twincest is sort of questionable. And to confirm, the only time I’m ever okay with it is in Ouran High School Host where the twins are pretending for their fans.

8. Keeping A Secret Death Note

death-note-giphy anime fan probems

Anyone who has watched Death Note has secretly wished the same circumstances that befell protagonist Light Yagami happened to them. Let’s face it, the idea of having the power of death in your hands has a certain morbid appeal to it that every anime fan has wanted one.

7. The Guilt Of Enjoying Terrible Harem Comedies as an anime fan

rosario-vampire-giphy anime fan probems

There is some dumb anime out there. Really dumb. But perhaps none are quite so dumb as the harem comedy. This genre tends to have bare bones plots that exist merely as an excuse to get one sex, usually a male, into a situation where they are romantically pursued by multiple members of the opposite sex. It’s wish fulfillment, plain and simple, and despite knowing you might be getting dumber… you just can’t stop watching.

6. “Is That A Guy Or A Girl?”

yu-yu-hakusho-kurama anime fan probems

This one is fun! You’ll be watching an anime and have to do a double take when you realize you aren’t quite sure whether a certain character is a man or a woman. This is because the art style often does its male characters with physical traits we usually associate with femininity, such as big eyes and long flowing hair. In situations like this, it can actually take a while for you to finally pin it down, and once you’ve done so it’s no longer an issue, but it never stops happening no matter how much anime you watch.


5. Developing A Crush On An Anime Character

faye-valentine-giphy anime fan probems

If you grew up watching anime, it was entirely possible that you liked a character so much that it made you feel… well, funny inside. The combination of pleasing aesthetics and well developed personality resulted in a character that felt fully realized, and before you knew it, it dawned on you that you just might have a crush on that character. You told yourself that that’s ridiculous; it’s just a cartoon character, right? But then you fell into those big eyes and realized that you’re no longer a kid anymore. Thanks Japan.

4. When Things Get Too Weird Even For You as an anime fan

Anime can be pretty weird sometimes, and everyone who watches it knows that. Watch enough series and you get used to it to the point where you convince yourself that nothing can freak you out anymore. However, eventually you will come across something so disturbingly bizarre that even you can’t help but curl up in the fetal position for fear that your sanity will be compromised. The Japanese sure do have a wide range of imagination, and that’s why we love ’em.

3. Convincing People It’s Not Just For Children

pokemon-giphy anime fan probems

There’s this idea in other countries, particularly in the United States, that animation is only meant for kids. This stigma is of course ridiculous, as there is no quality inherent to animation that makes it more or less appropriate for any one particular age demographic. Anime in particular is especially diverse, as there are different genres for literally every type of person of any age group, ranging from the overly cute to the gratuitously violent. And even casual watchers of anime will tell you that there are types that no child should watch…

2. Defending Your Passion as An Anime Fan

one-piece anime fan probems

There is a stigma associated with anime fans of them being too obsessive; accompanied with images of lonely man children living in sorrow while surrounded by body pillows and action figures. People may look at your passion for anime and question your state of mind. Or maybe they think you are a weirdo who dresses up as cartoon characters for fun. Too often you may find yourself having to explain yourself to people. None of that matters. You know why you like anime; it’s entertaining, funny, strange, sexy, and innovative. Some people may not get it, but frankly, they don’t know what they’re missing out on.


1. Wishing Life Was As Strange & Exciting

dragon ball opening anime fan probems

There is no denying the limitless quality of anime. The freeing nature of animation combined with the Eastern style of storytelling has given us some of the most imaginative worlds ever created. The life of an anime character is never dull; on the contrary, they are almost always full of excitement and adventure. Characters are often ripped from a life of complacency and forced to get involved with strange new people from places they never knew existed. Engage in enough of these stories and you just can’t help but wish life could be just as colorful, exciting, and insane. Life seems so limiting in comparison. At least we have anime to keep that spark in our imagination alive.

Can you think of other problems only anime fans understand? Let us know in the comments!

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