Best Angels of Death Moments: Zack and Ray

best angels of death moments…

Angels of Death is already one of my favorite anime shows. With theories or whether Zack is a psychopath or a sociopath or what happens to them afterwards, there’s no shortage of theories for them.

Here are some of the best moments in Angels of Death!

best angels of death moments

The headbop’s Zack is always giving to Rachel.

best angels of death moments

The rainbow puke Zack does when Rachel first asks him to kill her. . For a “scary” anime, this is a burst of pure hilariousness.

In a more serious moment where Rachel has finally gone into a crazy state of mind, she surprises all of us when she says the word “bang” instead of actually shooting Cathy.

The way that he always tries to kick doors down instead of finding the key like Rachel does.

best angels of death moments

The cute interactions they have. I love the moment they have with Zack in the water on Eddie’s floor and Ray’s suspicion.

best angels of death moments

As they make their way through Cathy’s floor, Zack takes to calling his companion Ray instead of Rachel. This shows that he’s started to treat her as a familiar presence. Besides that, he starts to even praise Rachel for her intelligence in getting them through the trap doors. Each room holds a puzzle they must solve, and without Rachel,  Zack would never have made it out of the building alive. For her efforts, Zack takes to patting Rachel’s head when he praises her and even goes so far as to call her awesome when she pulls the trigger on Cathy.

best angels of death moments

If you haven’t already guessed, once again Rachel seeks affirmation for her ultimate goal. She wishes to die by Zack’s hands (or, you know, his Scythe). The promise takes on a different meaning at this point in the series. When Zack proclaims that he’ll be the one to kill Rachel, it’s like he’s saying not even a natural death could lay claim to her soul. In a way, it’s a confession of his feelings.

His emotions come across even more so when Zack shoots himself in the arm with both of the drugs Cathy provides. In the wake of him losing his mind, Rachel is able to find a bit of clarity wherein Zack tells her not to let him kill her just yet. Even though he speaks harshly, Zack continues to protect Rachel from harm as much as possible.

At this moment, Cathy has pitted Zack and Rachel against each other where only one of them will survive.  Zack decides that he will not be used as a tool and slices himself with his scythe. This speaks to Zack’s intrinsic desire to protect Rachel in dangerous situations. When she proposes a harmful solution to any of their obstacles, Zack takes it upon himself to gain control of the situation, so that the danger passes. It shows that he cares more than he lets on.

best angels of death moments

As they search for their final destination, Zack gifts Rachel his most precious knife. When breaking through iron bars, Zack loses his strength of will while Rachel resolves to get the bars open no matter what. When Zack notices that she’s trying to do so with the knife he gave her, he brings her up short.

He mentions that she’s the first person he’s ever given anything to and that it’s not for keeps, but so that she could keep herself safe. If this doesn’t scream love and care for Rachel’s well-being, then we don’t know what does. Of course, this comes from the mouth of a psychotic murderer, so it’s not only unbelievable but demented in its own way.

What are some of YOUR favorite Angels of Death moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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