Top 10 Most Powerful Sword Skills in Anime

In anime battles, participants use countless amounts of skills. Some of these skills are powerful enough not only to destroy their opponents with a single blow, but also to eviscerate their souls. And like all anime fans, we have tried to use these techniques at least once in our lives. Take the DBZ Spirit Bomb for instance, you can’t say you’ve never tried to collect energy and kill that creepy spider in your bedroom!

While there are many powerful skills or abilities, we have seen over the years, some of them tend to stick better than others. And in most cases, the skills that fans seem to like the most are those based on swords or katanas. Perhaps due to the unique attraction we all have to swords. Yes, the execution of these skills in real life can be impossible, but it is still fun to try to do it. The child in all of us compels us to do this. That’s why we made a list of our top 10 most powerful sword skills in anime that you can try performing. Please do this in complete safety.

Most Powerful Sword Skills in Anime

Little War Horn

  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill
  • User: Akame

Murasame, Akame’s trusty sword is one of the deadliest swords in anime. This is a classical anime katana as it has the traditional look though with a cursed blade. A single scratch from it is enough to kill even an elephant. This lethal nature has earned it the title One-cut Killer: Murasame.

But this sword has another skill which makes it much more deadly, it is the Little Horn of War. This ability makes the sword hurt its wielder while making sure to kill even the most powerful opponents. It does not improve the curse of the weapon, but improves the physical abilities of the user.


When used, the eye becomes black and a dark aura envelops the body of the user. Scarlet marks appear on the user’s body as well, leaving deep scars. And the worst is that, this skill is a one-time affair as once used, the scars left behind cause enough pain for the user to want to die!

Jitsuzo Bunshin

Base-Form-Sealed-Lostvayne-2-meliodas-Jitsuzo Bunshin
  • Anime: Seven Deadly Sins
  • User: Meliodas

The strongest among the Seven Deadly Sins in terms of combat ability is no doubt Escanor. But even Escanor is inferior in front of Meliodas, the captain of the Sins and the former leader of the Ten Commandments. He is powerful enough to take on all of the remaining Sins and the Commandments together.

But his Lostvayne Shortsword helps it to increase its strength much more. It is a sacred treasure that has the ability to counter any attack thrown at it. It is able to repel the attack with more power and destroy the target. In spite of that, it is not the best of its abilities!

The most devastating ability of Lostvayne is the Jitsuzo Bunshin or Physical Clone. It splits half of the user’s power into four to six clones. This is useless for most but for Meliodas, who has immeasurable power, it is the best ability to defeat even an army of demons.


Flame Emitting Meditation

  • Anime: Blue Exorcist
  • User: Rin Okumura

Son of Satan, Rin had plenty of powerful abilities. But even among those, the one that he relied on the most was his maken, Kurikara based ones. It is a unique maken that adapts to its demonic heart and derives its power from.

His sealed heart is the real power of all his techniques. In fact the blue hue that Kurikara has is because of the sealed heart. So whenever Rin had to tap into his demonic side, he simply unsheathed his maken. And once that happened, Kasho Zanmai was released.

Kasho Zanmai or Flame Emitting Meditation is actually a sealing or purifying ritual. To activate it, Rin has to chant some mantra and the blue orb of concentrated flame appears at his sword’s tip. This orb can be shot at the target and it will not harm anything but the evil within one’s soul and destroy them to the core.

Black Meteorite

  • Anime: Black Clover
  • User: Asta

In a magical world, Asta was the dark sheep. He had no magic abilities, but he left nothing to chance. He trained in every way he could and finally attained the ultra-rare antimagic swords. This gave him the ability to pursue the throne of the magic king.


Utilizing his sword, Asta has made many sword techniques that have helped him defeat some of the best magicians. But faced with a truly demonic host, Asta was in a difficult situation. And in that moment, he devised the best anti-magic sword imaginable, the black meteorite.

Similar to other anti-magic skills, this one makes it so that the sword is coated with anti-magic aura. But unlike others, even the wielder’s body is covered in this aura. And this creates a strong attraction point for all magic-based attacks. So the user lunges at any concentrated magic power and hits like an actual meteorite and leaves the target senseless.

Getsuga Tensho

  • Anime: Bleach
  • User: Ichigo Kurosaki

After becoming a Shinigami, Ichigo acquired a number of indescribable powers. But the most powerful thing he got was his Zanpakuto’s Zangetsu. That’s because after he released his Bankai, he became a true bearer of death. And such a power surge was possible for his skill, Getsuga Tensou.

This attack is one where he releases his Reiatsu like a slash. No matter how small of a slash he performs, the Reiatsu slash is devastating enough to make even Aizen shake in his boots. That’s because this attack is a concentration of Reiatsu, the power that can kill the strongest of Hollows and Shinigamis.


Ichigo consumes most of his Reiatsu and releases it from the tip of his Zanpakuto. And before the wave or slash is released, the slash attack is drastically magnified. Such happens due to the traits of his Zangetsu. So when the slash reaches its target, nothing is left unharmed.

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Sword of the Darkness Flame

Sword_of_the_Darkness_Flame-Yu-Yu-Hakusho-Wielder- Hiei
  • Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho
  • User: Hiei

During the dark tournament, Hiei from the three eyed tribe was never in a tight spot. This was thanks to his Sword of the Darkness Flame! It is the last resort that he can put his trust in, no matter how dire the situation is. And to prove his point, this was the sword that pierced through Kuro who was supposed to be immune to sword attacks!

To materialize this immense skill, Hiei has to channel his inner power, Dragon of the Demonic Flames. When the channeling is perfect, his blade is covered by a deadly blackish green flame. This flame is what increases the piercing and cutting factor of a normal blade by a thousand fold.

If you have seen the Sword Spirit used by Kuwabara, then you will find both the skills are similar. But there is one inherent difference, it’s the power behind the skill. This skill is actually a small-scale Dragon of the Demonic Flames. So yeah,this skill is much better than the Sword Spirit.



  • Anime: Fate/Stay Night
  • User: Saber (Artoria Pendragon)

Saber survived the Holy Grail wars all thanks to her sword, Excalibur. It was no surprise though, because this sword is no ordinary one. This is a sword made by the Gods themselves. It can cut through opponents like butter. And this list of opponents is not limited to living things! Even a planet can be cut in half if the sword is in the right hands.

If you wish to cut a planet, you will have to unleash the true power of the sword, the Excalibur skill. But using this skill is not easy. One who wishes to use the skill must first wield the Excalibur. And even then they are pushed to the limits of their abilities.

All the pain is worth it. In the activated state, the sword releases waves of Golden Light. Each of these waves is capable of destroying platoons of enemies. And if one wishes to destroy the planet, they just simply need to add a bit of magical energy to the light.

Hinokami Kagura

  • Anime: Demon Slayer
  • User: Tanjiro Kamado

While fighting Rui, the Lower Rank Five of the Twelve Kizuki, Tanjiro used a Breathing Technique that took everyone by surprise. That’s because even though he was a user of the Water Breathing technique, this particular move was not from that style. But it was the father of all the Demon slaying techniques in the series. When Tanjiro was using his Demon Slayer katana he executed the moves that were the origin of all, the Sun Breathing technique. It is the deadliest thing from a demon’s point of view while the most heartwarming thing for a human. But this technique is not an easy thing to pull off.


The movements are inhuman. Each of the sword dance moves are taxing on the body. And even if you are flexible, it is a lost art that only the Kamado family is performed as an annual ritual. Now this is a technique and not purely a skill, but when executed perfectly, the katana is engulfed in flames, hot enough to defeat Muzan, the origin of all demons.

Backlash Wave

  • Anime: InuYasha
  • User: Inuyasha

Since Inuyasha is a half-dog, he has many skills that are illogical from a human point of view. But the same can’t be said for the power packed within each of these skills. And among all these skills, the Backlash Wave or Bakuryuuha is the most exceptional. It is a skill that can only be pulled off with his Tessaiga, a blade formed from a demon fang.

Like the name suggests, this is a skill that creates a backlash. Any aura-type attack thrown at this skill is engulfed and thrown back at the enemy with added power. When the skill is activated, the Tessaiga is wrapped by the wind of Kaze no Kizu. So the returned attack has the added effect of Kaze no Kizu increasing the damage. Instead of an attacking skill, the Backlash Wave is a counter skill. It takes the aura-type attack and redirects it using the winds of Kaze no Kizu. So if you can master Kaze no Kizu, you can even perform this skill when someone throws an attack at you!

Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai

  • Anime: One Piece
  • User: Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is a man who is living the dream. He is the proud wielder of not one, not two, but three extraordinary anime katana. Now this is amazing because he can fight with all three of them and unleash skills that defy the world law.


One of the skills that became his ultimate recently is the Three Sword Style Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai. The name literally means thousand mountains and thousand seas. It is an attack skill that can cut through all of these.

It is an easy skill as he has to first coat, his sword with his Haki. And after that release the haki at his desired target. And no matter what and how big the target is, once hit, the target is sure to fall.


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