Top 10 Iconic Katana in Anime

Weapons are the love of every man. Even if you are a fan of hand-to-hand combat, you can never come to hate weapons. But not all weapons receive the same amount of love. Such favoritism might exist because of Katanas. No matter what your age or nationality is, you can never get enough of a Japanese Katana.

The craftsmanship paired with its deadliness is enough to keep one fascinated. And this fascination has been successfully carried over into the world of anime. When a Japanese Katana is represented in an anime, one can’t help but fall in love. The inherent elegant look and the life-threatening sharpness, both core properties of a Katana are perfectly represented using the unparalleled showmanship of anime.

Over the years there have been countless Samurai Swords used as the center of attention in anime. But not all of them had the same “oomph” like impact on the viewers. Some of those Katana stood out not only because of their wielder but also due to their extreme craftsmanship. Thus we have gathered the top 10 iconic Katana in anime that are sure to be immortalized in anime history.

Most Iconic Anime Katana


  • Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight
  • Wielder: Ikki Kurogane

Blazers, the main powerhouse of the Chivalry of a Failed Knight series never carry their weapon with them. They summon their weapon or device when they need to prove their supremacy in a duel. And the device that Ikki, the true failed knight, calls forth is his Intetsu. It’s a black katana with a classical rectangular guard. This is the perfect sword for the failed knight as it not only helps him defeat opponents stronger than him but also promotes his magical deficiency.


Many blade techniques are only possible when Ikki wields Ittetsu. The most vital one among all the techniques is the Ittou Shura. When the technique is released, Ikki lets go of his survival instincts and reaches a realm of nirvana. In this state, his physical powers are doubled and he can accomplish movements that are impossible in normal human terms. And if he pairs Itto Shura with Ittou Rasetsu, he can exhibit a power that even the most powerful Blazers wish to achieve.


  • Anime: Blue Exorcist
  • Wielder: Rin Okumura

Being the son of Satan, one has many convenient facilities that others don’t have. But the Kurikara is not one of those benefits. Rin obtained this blade, not from his actual father but from the adoptive one. He had this sword to help him seal the half demonic nature but instead amplified it. Shiro was supposed to kill Rin with this sword but he then sealed Rins’ demon heart within the sword unintentionally boosting it.

When in the sheath, the sword is like any other Maken in the series. But once drawn, it releases its true form. The blade is coated with blue flames from the sealed demon heart. And it also brings out the demon-like nature of Rin. Only after mastering the flames of Hell within his heart, Rin was able to control Kurikara to its fullest and defeat the Impure king without harming the bystanders.

Yukine Sword From

  • Anime: Noragami: Stray God
  • Wielder: Yato

Having the appearance of a teenager, Yukine seems like a normal kid in their rebellious period. He revolted against Yato and even sins by stealing. But that is all when he is in his human form. This cheerful kid turns into one of the most powerful weapons in the series when Yato asks it to transform into its true form, a guardless katana. Yukine is the head and only Sikki of the God of War, Yato. And thus one can just imagine his true potential.


But this potential is boosted manifolds when Ykine becomes a blessed vessel. In its normal form, Ykine is a katana with no extra accessories. That means it has no hilt, guard, or even sheath. It is wrapped loosely with bandages showing the insecurity of Yukine. The past that this boy lived even made the God of War, Yato cry. But despite all this, Yukine got blessed and embraced his insecurities. This further strengthened Yukine to become Yatos’ head Sikki.

Nichirin Blade

  • Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Wielder: Members of Demon Slayer Corps

Before all the Demon Slayer and Nezuko fans out there get angry, this blade is lower on the list because it is not a specific sword. It is the collection of all the swords used by the members of the corp that is dedicated to eradicating the demons. There is not a single sword that is superior to the other. Yes, the wielder of the said blades have different strengths from each other but their blades are not the ones causing it.

Other than a handful, most of the Nichirin blades have the ideal Japanese katana shape. And this is because of the versatility of the said form. One can execute almost all types of sword styles and breaths using their sword. The specialty of these blades is their material, Nichirin. This special ore can absorb the sunlight and retain it. And this property helps the Demon Slayers slay the Demons for good. Moreover, the blade doesn’t have a specific color. That’s because when a wielder wields it, it absorbs the user’s aura and adapts a color that signifies the user’s strength.

Zangetsu (Bankai)

  • Anime: Bleach
  • Wielder: Ichigo Kurosaki

In a series filled with swords, the number of Samurai swords is pretty small. And even among all the available swords, Ichigo’s Zanpakuto is probably the most overpowered one. Many of you might say that it’s not a katana but a broadsword. Well, you guys are not wrong but if you look at the Bankai form of Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, you will see its Japanese Katana nature.


The sword is a solid black blade with a Swastika guard on its black hilt. The blade attained its true form when the spirit of Zangetsu properly manifested. Two spirits were residing within Ichigo’s Zanpakuto. So when Ichigo finally attained his Bankai, the true spirit, the white Ichigo took control and gave Ichigo immeasurable power. It was thanks to this that Ichigo can now go against the entire Soul Society with ease.

Afro’s Tachi

  • Anime: Afro Samurai
  • Wielder: Afro

For hardcore anime lovers, the name Afro has a different significance. This is the guy who showed the western world that one’s love for Samurai swords and their swordsmanship is not limited by race. And to prove his point the blade he used was this nameless Tachi. Yes, a tachi is different from a Katana but only in its length. The significance of both a Tachi and a Katana is the same in a Samurai’s life.

That is why this Tachi wielded by Afro is one of the most iconic Japanese swords in anime history. The blade is nothing special. It is a long blade made of regular steel. The sword has a square gray guard which is complemented by the red sheath and hilt. But the ferocity that Afro wields his Tachi with, made this regular blade one of the most iconic ones with ease.

One-Cut Killer: Murasame

  • Anime: Akame ga Kill!
  • Wielder: Akame

When one talks about Samurai Swords in anime, then Murasame, the One Cut Killer is bound to come up. This is a ruthless Katana that can kill its target with a single cut. The name Murasame means the Village rain. And similar to how a single wave of rain can wash away the sorrows of a villager, this sword can wash away the life of its victim with a single stroke.


Unlike the traditional Japanese Katana, this one is a cursed sword. Even a single cut is enough to eat away at the life of its victim. The curse flows through the victim’s body even if they just nicked the skin. And as the curse flows it leaves its markings till reaching the heart and stopping it. This sword is a rebellious one for even its wielder is not safe from the curse if they accidentally cut themselves.

Toyako Bokuto

  • Anime: Gintama
  • Wielder: Gintoki Sakata

Now before you all get angry about why a Bokuto, a wooden practice sword, is included in the list of deadly Katanas, then let me remind you of its owner. This Bokuto is owned by none other than Gintoki, a Samurai in a world where swords are banned. And this Bokuto is not any regular old wooden sword but one that is made from a special tree. The wood is from a 10,000-year-old tree that can cut through almost everything.

It is a wooden sword that has the absurd title of Hoshikudaki, Star Destroyer. Though the origin of the name might be unconfirmed due to Gintoki’s joking nature, its performance is unchallenged. Using this wooden Samurai sword, Gintoki cut down steel and even giant robots. Not only that but he also smashed his opponent’s metal sword with this wooden joke!

Wado Ichimonji

  • Anime: One Piece
  • Wielder: Roronoa Zoro

There are many iconic swords and swordsmen in the entire series of One Piece. But there is only one swordsman and sword that are regarded as the icon for this great series. They are Zoro and his Wado Ichimonji. Being a masterpiece created by the legendary swordsmith, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, it is one of the 21 Great Grade swords. With its pure white hilt and circular guard, it looks like any other Samurai sword. But don’t be deceived by its appearance.


That’s because this sword is comparable to the sword wielded by the greatest Swordsman of all time, Dracule Mihawk. Yes, this flimsy-looking sword can go against the mighty Yoru. Throughout the series, many swords were introduced but all fall short compared to Wado Ichimonji. It might not be a cursed blade like the Kitetsu or a dragon-slaying sword-like Shisui, but it will soon surpass them all. That’s because this is the sword that symbolizes Zoro’s promise to Kuina about becoming the Greatest Swordsman in the world.


  • Anime: Samurai X
  • Wielder: Kenshin Himura

Sakabato is the perfect Katana for a Ronin who wants to leave behind his blood-filled past. Being the last forge by the master swordsmith Arai Shakku, this reverse blade Katana is the sword that symbolizes Himura. The sword is the worst when it comes to killing its opponent due to the blade being inward instead of the belly. Still, it has the most impact on fans for this reverse blade helped Himura grow and become what he wanted to be.

The most significant fact is the Sakabato wielded by Himura is not even in its full form. It was nothing but a shadow of the true sword. Still, it was able to act as the trusted sword for Himura for more than 10 years. This sword might not have cut anyone in half with a single blow but it was the sword that made Himura’s Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu dominate the battlefield with the least amount of blood spill. The way this sword defeated the hardened killers still thrills the fans to their core.


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