The 10 Strongest Clans In Naruto Ranked

In the Naruto anime universe, there are plenty of different ninja clans that tend to keep their bloodline pure because of the fact that these clans have techniques and attributes that tend to be limited to their bloodline. As such, some of the strongest characters in Naruto tend to come from these powerful clans. With that said, let’s look at some of the strongest Naruto clans.

Strongest Clans In Naruto Ranked

Yamanaka Clan


The Yamanaka clan isn’t exactly the strongest when it comes to combat, but this clan sure is powerful when it comes to supporting other clans. What makes the Yamanaka clan so powerful is the fact that they are able to use their minds to control their enemies or for long-range communication. 

In battle, the Yamanaka clan’s powers are best suited for support, especially when they are teamed up with members of the Akimichi and Nara clans. This is where the traditional Ino-Shika-Cho combo comes in, as the combination of the special techniques of these clans allows them to control a battlefield effectively.

Sarutobi Clan


The Sarutobi clan probably isn’t the strongest when it comes to their recent members because they really don’t have powerful ninjas in recent years. However, the Sarutobi clan has always been around to help keep the peace between the different clans in the Hidden Leaf and act as protectors of the village.


Of course, the greatest Sarutobi remains to be the third Hokage, who is a master of almost all of the different techniques in the ninja world. While Asuma, Konohamaru, and Mirai aren’t as powerful as Hiruzen, they are still pretty much capable.

Hatake Clan


The only Hatake we have seen showing his full capabilities is Kakashi, but we did hear plenty of stories about his father, Sakumo, who was said to be just as powerful or even stronger as the legendary Sannin.

While we didn’t really see Sakumo in action against powerful foes, what we do know is the fact that Kakashi eventually became the sixth Hokage, considering that he has the combination of skills, intelligence, and experience that’s better than any other ninja in the village.

Kazekage Clan


One of the few powerful clans that don’t belong to the Hidden Leaf, the Kazekage clan is literally the clan where the Kazekages of the Hidden Sand are from. These are ninjas with powerful special techniques that only they are able to do. One case in point is the fact that Gaara and his father are capable of manipulating sand.


Of course, another aspect that makes the Kazekage clan so powerful is the fact that they are in control of the one-tailed beast. This power allowed Gaara to become the youngest Kage in the history of the Naruto ninja world.

Nara Clan


The Nara clan is as ninja as any ninja clan can be because of the fact that the members of this clan are usually working behind the shadows and can manipulate shadows. Using the ability to control their shadows, the Nara clan can strike from anywhere at any given time.

But the one thing that makes the Nara clan so dangerous is the fact that they are the best when it comes to strategy. All members of the Nara clan are geniuses when thinking of tactics in battle, and that’s why they are often advisers to the Hokage.

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Uzumaki Clan


The Uzumaki clan is a clan that branched out from the Otsutsuki clan long ago and are distant relatives of the Senju clan. Considering that they are closely related to the clan of the Sage of Six Paths, the Uzumaki were powerful and feared, although their numbers dwindled.


In the past, the Uzumaki clan was known for its sealing techniques, which Naruto and the newer members of the clan could no longer perform. But the fact that this clan has powerful members like Naruto and Boruto means that this is still a powerful family in the ninja world.

Hyuga Clan


The Hyuga clan is one of the most powerful groups in the entire Naruto world because of the fact that this clan has access to the Byakugan, which allows the user to have X-ray vision and a vision that is nearly 360 degrees. Meanwhile, Hyuga clan members are descendants of Hamura, the twin brother of the Sage of Six paths.

Members of this clan are great one-on-one fighters because of the techniques that they use in conjunction with the Byakugan. They are masters of hand-to-hand fights and can deactivate chakra pressure points. On top of that, the Hyuga clan is large and is quite arguably the strongest clan in the Hidden Leaf in terms of manpower.

Uchiha Clan


The Uchiha clan directly descends from Indra Otsutsuki, and that means that this is a powerful clan with half of the powers of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. This clan inherited the Sharingan, which is a powerful eye technique that gives the Uchiha one of the most powerful visual abilities in the ninja world. The Sharingan also allows them to use different Jutsu like Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and the ever-powerful Susanoo.


Of course, the Uchiha is so powerful that some of the most powerful ninjas in the entire Naruto universe are from this clan. We are talking about Madara, Itachi, and Sasuke, who are all dangerous enough to wipe out entire armies on their own.

Senju Clan


One-half of Hagoromo’s bloodline eventually led to the formation of the Senju clan, which descendent from Asura. While the Senju don’t have the same kind of visual prowess and natural affinity for different techniques that the Uchiha do, this clan is physically stronger and comes with naturally high levels of chakra.

While there are people who would say that the Senju and the Uchiha are just about equal in terms of strength, it is worth noting that the strongest of the Senju has always been better than the strongest of the Uchiha. Hashirama defeated Madara while Naruto (although a distant Senju) defeated Sasuke.

Otsutsuki Clan


The most powerful clan in the Naruto ninja world is Otsutsuki. While the Otsutsukis are not from the world of the Naruto universe as they are actually aliens, they are still from the anime series. And the reason why the Otsutsukis are so powerful is the fact that they are basically godlike beings.


For example, Kaguya Otsutsuki herself is the progenitor of the Naruto ninja world and gave birth to Hagoromo, who the Senju and the Uchiha descended from. Meanwhile, all of the other Otsutsuki members that appeared in Boruto are said to be just as strong or even stronger than Kaguya. This goes to show just how strong the Otsutsukis are.


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