Favorite Fate Character: A Collaboration

A little while ago, Michael from FearReview.com asked to do a collaboration piece of our favorite Fate Characters. Of course, I was excited to be able to write this article and hopefully bring more attention to some of my favorite Fate characters. We decided to pick our favorite human and servant character. This was his piece and I’m excited to see his take on the Fate characters and have a new guest poster!

Favorite Human Character:

Personally, I love the human characters best in Fate.  Though we all love the spectacle of Heroic Spirits clashing in spectacular contests, for me, Fate is really about notions of heroism.  At the same time, “a hero of justice must have a villain to defeat.” 

That is why my favorite human character in Fate is Kirei Kotomine, the “genuine fake priest.” 

Kirei plays a role in all 3 routes of Fate stay/night & is basically a deuteragonist in Fate/zero.  He proves himself an excellent foil to both Kiritsugu & Shirou Emiya.


As a villain, Kirei performs numerous evil acts, but underneath his despicable surface lies a man with a broken heart.  You can see Kirei come into his own in Fate/zero, but his TRUE character peaks in the last part of Heaven’s Feel.  I look forward to seeing him in full villain-ly glory next year in the last Heaven’s Feel movie.  REJOICE!

Favorite Servant Character:

Though Fate/apocrypha does not match Fate/stay night or Fate/zero IMO, it nonetheless contains my favorite Servant:  The Indian Hero Karna, whose exploits were chronicled in the Hindu epic The Mahabharata

I knew nothing of Karna prior to watching Apocrypha, but the demigod quickly distinguished himself with his amazing design and overwhelming power.  In fact, he is SO POWERFUL, that Karna is one of the only Heroic Spirits who the mighty Gilgamesh respects!  Though Gil may play around with even monsters like Artoria & Heracles, his response on encountering Karna is to instantly back away out of melee range & get serious.


Yet for all his might, Karna lacks Gil’s arrogance, & though he suffered greatly in his myth, he retains a strong morality & sense of honor.  His climactic battle against Sieg at the end of Fate/apocrypha showcases the true glory of Heroic Spirits, both in power & heroism.

And there you have it! Michael from FearReview.com’s take on his favorite Fate Human and Servant Character. What do you think? Who are YOUR favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

As always,

Keep Smiling!


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