OTP in Attack on Titan

With the premiere of season two, Attack on Titan fans started their shipping for their OTP’s even more. So here’s a quick list of some of the pairings and OTP in Attack on Titan.

Spoiler…everyone is paired with everyone.

OTP in Attack on Titan

OTP in Attack on Titan

Eren x Levi

I was surprised that this is the most popular ship.

I think this is canon, and here’s why:

  • When asked about Levi’s preferred type of woman, Isayama said he wasn’t sure if he even liked women in the first place, then proceed to say he just likes tall people.
  • There’s a manga panel where Eren’s hand is on Levi’s thigh.
  • In the Visual Novel, it’s revealed that Levi DID NOT want to beat Eren in court and instead did it as a last resort. Levi just wanted to save him.

Mikasa x Eren

 To Mikasa, Eren is someone she must protect at all costs, not because that he once saved her, or because he is too helpless or useless that he needs her help, but because she thinks it is her priority. After that scene where she thanks him for everything, I guess Eren no longer has any problem with her wish to protect him. She has romantic feelings for him, but Eren isn’t shown to reciprocate it. This is certainly because he never got the chance to. 

Jean x Marco

The guide book says Imaginary Interview title: Marco x Jean. “Any person’s type you are, my bond with you won’t change”. It’s canon. They have a special connection.

I chose this ship because it actually means something. He is the only reason Jean chose the survey corps. And the ship is just absolutely precious. It’s nice and it’s like a cute warm-hearted relationship between these two loving best friends.

Levi x Hanji

Hanji and Levi are totally my OTP because they are just so compatible. They have the same values and make the same type of weird humor. They’ve made a special bond with each other over their years together and have developed a strong connection with each other.

  • Ever notice that Levi only has a nickname for her? “bad glasses” or “Four eyes”. Sure he calls people names but his nicknames for her are consistent. They are often teasing each other and making weird jokes.
  • He knows that she’s very unhygienic and even still we see that hair grab in episode 9. When have we ever seen Levi get touchy-touchy with anyone, besides when he’s killing them or comforting them at their time of death? So that hair grab was a big hint.
  • Hanji understands him so well that she often finishes off his sentences as can be seen in the manga
  • I love their height difference, it’s so cute.

The relationship between them has grown so much during the years of working together. I feel like they have a strong bond of trust. Their differences are what make them amazing too. They fight, tease each other, and work together so much, they are pretty much bros. Romance or not, they are the best pairing in my opinion.

Ymir x Krista

But they’re basically canon anyway ; )

Erwin x Levi

Can’t you see their chemistry? And their trust in each other? And their personalities suit each other so badly.

I think that their trust in each other and their history together just makes it a good ship. I’m torn between making this a ship or just a brotp.


Armin x Eren

Their dynamic and loyalty to each other are fantastic. You rarely see two very different people get along like this, but they care so much about each other that they can easily put aside their differences. And that’s a very important quality to have in a relationship. Plus, being in the military would probably turn them away from any kind of romance anyway. Seeing that they’re growing teens, they’re eventually going to become curious. Seeing that they’ve known each other from a time where they weren’t in the military, I see their relationship more likely to form AND last than others.

Sasha x Connie

In episode 4 there’s a scene where Connie and Sasha practice their titan fighting while fooling around with it, it’s super cute and funny 

These two bring comic relief to the show and would be perfect for each other!

Reiner x Bertholdt

Not to spoil anything for the manganese but Reiner basically emitted that he’s gay and he obviously cares more about Bert than about his own life so they’re half cannon? 


Their personalities fit together like puzzle pieces – Bertholdt is quiet and Reiner does the talking for him, Reiner has disassociative personality disorder but Bertholdt can’t forget who he is, Reiner thinks of his comrades as friends and Bertholdt, not as enemies, but as their victims, and finally, Bertholdt cares so much for Reiner he’s willing to sacrifice his life for him, reminds him he’s a warrior and stays with him all the time. 

I think this one would be good because they are both titan shifters but share a special relationship

Mikasa x Levi

They work well together and this relationship has a chance to go through one of that beautiful hate to love transitions. It’s not incest either which is a big bonus as in the guidebook it said that they could only be 3rd cousins at the closest. Third cousins aren’t considered related. And if you look in the manga and guidebook, it’s obvious that Levi does care for her. Mikasa’s imitation of Levi’s combat techniques is cute too. I don’t know, I just think this relationship could work really well.

Eren x Historia

Through the Manga, we can see the development of their relationship. Sure, we can say that Historia has a special feeling toward Ymir, but that doesn’t prevent her to create new bonds with other characters, and more exactly Eren. They both have a tragic background story and try to make their best to allow humanity to develop & improve positively.


Moreover, we can see a mutual understanding and respect between them. I’m sure this ship has a big potential. 

They aren’t popular because season 2 hasn’t come out yet… It cracks me up whenever there are people who didn’t read the manga see Historia’s name on here and are so confused.

Sasha x Potato

I couldn’t resist. Must be canon

I shipped them from the very beginning… I just knew that they would be together forever, despite their differences…so many differences… For all those out there who don’t know what true love is, all you need to do is simply look at Sasha…and her potato…


Which OTP is your favorite? There are too many to count! Let me know in the comments below!

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