Otaku Problems and Why We’ll Rule the World

Otaku Problems and Why We’ll Rule the World

Us otakus know the truth. We’re awesome. But we also have a secret…

…we’re going to be able to take over the world one day. How, you might ask? Well, go and read ahead.

We’re used to having disappointment after finishing an awesome anime show or reading manga. Even better than OHSHC was used in this photo since season one ended so badly and fans are STILL waiting for season two. Seriously, go read the manga to get some much-needed closure!


It’s been over 10 years…we’re probably not getting one. Read: Will OHSHC Get a Second Season?

Okay, technically we know how to make money by being a fangirl or fanboy. The creators of such shows as Pokemon and ESPECIALLY the Marvel universe don’t seem to be struggling. But for those of us who didn’t create such epically amazing worlds, we blog…we do fanart/fanfiction…we even create crafts on Esty or design cosplays. And it DOES pay off.

Major facepalm with this. So many people think that it’s the same thing since it’s animated. Well, if you think it’s just a cartoon, go show Death Note or Kill La Kill to your 5-year-old. We’ll wait.

(Author’s Note: Please do NOT show either to your kids. If you didn’t already know that I was being sarcastic, you’re not an otaku)


We’ve all been through this. It’s hard to act “normal” when you hear your favorite character’s name in a public situation and you have to act like it doesn’t give you a nosebleed and prepare you to go on a long-winded rant.

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We all know what this hair means. And we’re all somewhat prepared when we see it now. On a side note, I haven’t noticed anyone, in reality, wearing their hair like this anymore. Then again, I don’t get out much unless it’s to an anime convention or to get food.

I mentioned this with my second reason, but it’s still true. But be warned, that watching anime as a job isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. You’re still given deadlines and if you don’t like the anime, you still have to watch it. And you don’t just watch the anime once. You watch it two or three times. Unfortunately, sometimes it loses some of its magic when that happens. The feelings and emotions that you have during the first time you watch an anime, don’t happen the third time. I guess the third time isn’t the charm.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree with this. I’m currently learning it now but it takes time. But it also makes me giggle that I can understand what some of the anime shows are saying without having to read the subtitles. It makes me laugh but also happy.

So, us nerds are already used to waiting, to disappointment, and to all the criticism that we’re given by muggles. And with that logic, we’re armed and ready to rule the world.

From the safety of our rooms, of course, because, you know, people. What’s your favorite part of being an otaku? Let me know in the comments below!

As always,


Keep Smiling! 


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