Quarantine: How to Live Life With Anxiety (Anime Style)

Anxiety is never fun. The world is a scary place right now. It's not in just one place or country, it's basically on every continent.

Anxiety is never fun. The world is a scary place right now. It’s not in just one place or country, it’s basically on every continent.

It’s scary when we don’t know when it’ll end. When hundreds of thousands of people have died. I’m in the USA and in my state, we’re in lockdown still. It’s terrifying seeing usually busy streets so empty and quiet. It’s unsettling in a way.

how to survive anxiety during quarantine anime style!

As of this writing, the CDC has confirmed over 41,000 deaths directly from COVID, and that’s not even close to the real toll. It doesn’t include all the false negatives from unreliable tests, all the people who couldn’t get tests, all the people who died of COVID at home trying to stay out of the ER, and all the people having heart attacks and strokes and perforated ulcers who died at home trying to tough it out because they figured their chances were better with their age and commodities staying away from the plague sanitariums that our hospitals have been forced to become.

So this is a simple guide to help navigate the scary and unknown times, and how to live with the anxiety that some of us (including myself) might have during the pandemic.

how to survive anxiety during a lockdown. anime style. anime gifs cute anime girls

Watch the News LESS

This is important. If you’re constantly watching the news and scrolling through Reddit and other social media types, you can find yourself with all the fear-mongering public and just make yourself more panicked and anxious than needed. This will make your anxiety even worse. STOP checking the coronavirus map every hour, or reading the news every hour. Maybe check it ONCE a day but be careful with your sources. There are so many sites that just have clickbait titles with almost no information about the title itself!

Don’t Forget Your Self-Care

Just because there’s a lockdown in place doesn’t mean your mental health has to suffer! Open those windows to let in the fresh air and take vitamin d3 if you’re in a cloudy area. Open those windows and curtains to let the light in. I sat in the house for 2 weeks without opening the blinds and the difference in my moods was surprising! Sunlight can help with anxiety and make you feel better.

how to survive anxiety during a lockdown anime style sailor moon self care anime gifs cute anime girls

I should also mention baths! They are heavenly and one of the best things in the world. I love soaking in a bubble bath of super warm, almost too hot water. I light candles and put on an audiobook while relaxing and it just takes the stress and anxiety away. Bath bombs are some of the best things ever and I highly recommend them.

Connect with People SAFELY

You can still stay connected with friends and family. Have an online video chat or bring a chair to sit outside someone’s window and talk. This virus can spread if we’re too close together so it’s better to be safe than sorry. YOU might not get sick and die but you could be carrying it and passing it onto someone who COULD. That’s the worst part. You don’t want to change that.


Find New Ways to Have Fun

Drive-in Movies have come back where I’m at and I’m loving it! No one is near each other, we bring our own snacks and drinks and still get to be outside. There are TONS of ideas for home activities on Pinterest and other online sources that show fun ideas and things to do while at home.

Most of us anime fans are already pretty introverted(at least the ones I’ve met) and we’re totally okay with staying home and just watching anime all day. Nothing wrong with that! Find a new series to watch or rewatch old favorites. I’m currently introducing the hubby to Inuyasha since he’s never seen it and we’ve been binge-watching A Silent Voice, Your Lie in April and other make you cry anime movies.

Need Distractions?
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BREATHE! Let That Anxiety Go!

Take a deep breath. Feel that pumping in your chest? It’s your heart. You’re still here. You still have a purpose.

I know it’s scary. Some of us have lost jobs or been furloughed and don’t know when we’ll get back to normal. Or even if we will. All we can do is take it day by day, hour by hour and do the best that we can. We here at MyAnimeGo are still here, we’re rooting for you and will keep updating as much as we can.


How has the pandemic affected you? What are you doing during this lockdown? Let us know in the comments below!

As always,

Keep Smiling!


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