Will Mirio Togata aka Lemillion regain his quirk?

Will Mirio Togata aka Lemillion regain his quirk? die? or how will he get his quirk back? Hey everyone, I’m sure these are questions on everyone’s mind after episode 74 of My Hero Academia 4.

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My Hero Academia 4 has been amazing as usual this season with an amazing opening and ending theme.

The story has gotten a little darker in the overhaul arc but it’s still well done. We also get to learn more about some of the characters.


But we are not here to review My Hero Academia 4 but talk about Mirio Togata and if he will get his quirk Permeation back and how this could happen.


And we at MyAnimeGo have the answers for anyone who has not been following the manga.

Mirio Togata aka Lemillion was able to hold his own against the young Yakuza boss Overhaul and his minions Chronostasis, Deidoro Sakaki and Shin Nemoto all on his own.

mirio togata fight with overhaul my hero academia

So in episode 74 of My Hero Academia 4, we really get to see why Sir Nighteye thinks Lemillion would be worthy to be the next holder of One for All.

Shielding Eri from the Quirk Destroying Bullet at the cost of his own quirk and his future has a hero. And just the way he swoops in to rescue Eri.


But after this episode, we were left with three questions; If Lemillion would be able to survive this fight with Overhaul? If he would regain his quirk again? and how could that happen?

So let’s start answering these questions:

Will Lemillion die?


Mirio Togata aka Lemillion will not die after his fight with Overhaul real name Kai Chisaki.

He is badly injured after and loses his quirk but he does survive and taking a temporary leave of absence from U.A High School, he does recover.


So that’s one question down haha. On to the next one!!!

Will Lemillion regain his quirk?

So far in there has been no sign of Lemillion getting his quirk back yet. But there as been a lot of evidence to show that he will eventually regain his quirk.

From two respectable sources;

Mirai Sasaki aka Sir Nighteye


Who used his quirk foresight before his death on Mirio to see his future.


And whatever he saw was good because he smiles and said Mirio would become an outstanding hero.

So Lemillion will definitely be ok. And if you have doubts cause of Foresight not being a 100% accurate, after the fight between Deku, Eri and Overhaul.

Shota Aizawa aka Eraser Head


Aizawa has said it is possible for Mirio to regain his quirk Permeation. And all of us knowing Aizawa, will know he’s not one to give people false hope.

So now let’s look at just how this could be possible.


Ways Lemillion could regain his quirk?

1. Eri


The Quirk-Destroying Drug is made from Eri’s blood.

Even Shota Aizawa has suggested that her quirk rewind can be used to rewind the bodies of those who have lost their Quirks and restore them.

However, Aizawa said that the quirk only works on living things, not on non-living things, which means that practising to master her quirk is not going to be easy.

And at Eri’s current level she still needs time to learn to control her Quirk before helping Mirio restore his quirk or she could end up rewinding him to a state of nonexistent.


But there is still hope of her mastering her quirk because she’s under the guidance of Aizawa now.

2. Kai Chisaki was wrong or lying


Eri’s quirk is a mutation after all and not like other quirks and rewind being a quirk that restores a person back to a previous state.

Could he have really mastered how to make Quirk-Destroying Drug, destroy a persons quirk permanently. Even his previous attempts at making the drug only created short term lose of quirks.

Could he really have mastered how to make the Quirk-Destroying Drug have a permanent effect or he’s just found a way of making the duration much much longer like a year or more.


3. The Antidote Serum


It’s also possible that the heroes could find the antidote serum, Overhaul said he would make one as part of his scheme to make the yakuza great again.

Knowing the type of organized person Overhaul is, it’s possible he had already made an antidote serum for the quirk destroying drug and it’s hidden away in some warehouse somewhere.

Or Quirk Scientists could make one if given time with Eri, they might be able to come up with one but after all the poor girl has been through turning her into a human test subject again would break the girl completely.

The loss of Lemillion quirk was definitely one of the saddest moments this season. But the future does look bright for our young hero Lemillion.


It’s definitely not the end of the road for Lemillion or the last we will be seeing of his quirk!

Thanks for reading and thank you for everyone who shares their thoughts in the comment section we love to read them.

Till next time…..


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