Best Halloween Cosplay You Can Do Now

With Halloween coming up, you might be scrambling to find the best Halloween cosplay or costume that you can find. Luckily, these cosplays are easy to find and create. And you’ll be looking freaky good!

Best Halloween Cosplay You Can Do Now

Best Halloween Cosplay

Spirited Away

One of my favorite Studio Ghibli films, Spirited Away is, in my opinion, a classic. Whether you want to go as No Face, or Chin, or maybe even a soot sprite? You can find it here.

Spirited Away Cosplay…HERE

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Angels of Death

Angels of Death came out this past summer but was well received by fans. It was already an indie RPG horror game that became a manga first. When the anime came out, even more, fans came on board with this fandom. As you can see, these cosplays make Zack or Rachel one of the best Halloween cosplays already!


Angels of Death Cosplay…HERE

Future Diary

Sometimes you want something a bit darker. It is Halloween after all. I’m usually just staying in my onesie and stuffing my face with candy, but still.  This cosplay is easy to do and makes for a cute but terrifying display. Kinda like babies…

Future Diary Cosplay…HERE


Back to being less scary but still a fun and easy cosplay to do, we have Noragami. I absolutely loved this anime and it’s definitely recommended. Yato’s outfit is easy to recreate and fans will be loving this one!


Noragami cosplay…HERE

Well, there you have it! Just a few simple but really easy cosplay you can do for the Best Halloween ever! Make sure to eat lots of candy!

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