Top 10 Strongest Durarara!! Characters

Determining the absolute top 10 strongest characters in Durarara!! is debatable, as power can manifest in various ways (strength, fighting skills, strategic mind, etc.). However, here’s a well-rounded list of some of the incredibly strong characters:

1. Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo Heiwajima is the undisputed strongest guy in Ikebukuro. Nicknamed “The Destroyer,” he’s a walking tank with incredible superhuman strength. He can toss vending machines like baseballs and ragefully wreck city streets.

Normally, he’s a chill guy, but if you tick him off, he can go from zero to angry in a flash, and then things get messy. Because of his strength, he solves most problems with his bare hands, which isn’t always the neatest solution. However, despite his temper, Shizuo actually tries to avoid hurting people, but sometimes he just can’t control his immense strength.

2. Celty Sturluson

Celty Sturluson is a headless wonder & an Irish fairy called a Dullahan. Despite missing her head, Celty is super agile and has lightning-fast reflexes. She’s super strong, but not quite as strong as Ikebukuro’s strongest. She came to Japan to look for her head.


While there are physically stronger Durarara!! characters than Celty, we decided to rank her so high simply because she is immortal as long as her head isn’t destroyed. Not only does she not age, but she also quickly recovers from any injury thanks to rapid healing.

3. Kasane Kujiraki

Forget the peak human condition. Kasane possesses superhuman strength that puts most people to shame. However, she’s not just strong, she’s also incredibly durable. Punches and kicks that would take down anyone else barely faze Kasane. In fact, she can hold her own against Shizuo. No wonder, though, she is an overpowered half-vampire who skillfully wields Seika, a powerful demonic blade.

Cold and calculating, this quirky woman in her late 20s has a peculiar obsession with cats. Like a cat drawn to yarn, she’s constantly pulled towards anything feline, building a collection of cat-themed treasures.

4. Izaya Orihara

Izaya is living proof that you don’t have to be the strongest physically to be considered extremely powerful. After all, he is the one who pulls the strings from the shadows. A cunning strategist, he has a knack for getting people to do what he wants. All in all, he uses information and manipulation as his main “weapons”.


Izaya knows pretty much everything that’s going on in Ikebukuro, acting as a shady information hub for those in the know. By stirring up trouble and playing people against each other, he creates chaos and wields immense power through his influence.

5. Mikado Ryuugamine

Mikado is the leader of a large and influential group called the Dollars. He’s charismatic and inspires loyalty in his followers.

As the leader of the Dollars, Mikado has access to vast resources and can wield significant influence within the city. Consequently, this allows him to manipulate situations and get things done.

Mikado may not have superhuman powers, but he’s resourceful, knows how to lead, acquire wealth, and has street smarts to achieve his goals.


6. Simon Brezhnev

While not a central figure, Simon is a member of the Dollars gang, a large and loosely organized group promoting peace in Ikebukuro, and one of the strongest Durarara!! characters. A large and imposing figure with a kind heart, Simon is a pacifist who believes in the power of peace and sushi (yes, you read that right!).

But don’t let his friendly demeanor fool you. Simon is a former Soviet special forces soldier with incredible physical strength. He’s also one of the few who can match Shizuo Heiwajimaina in terms of raw power. Also, he can easily overpower most characters and even stop fights with his imposing presence.

7. Mikage Sharaku

An enigmatic character, Mikage is a skilled martial artist who teaches at the Rakuei Gym alongside her older brother Eijiro. They train characters like Mairu and Kururi.

She’s incredibly strong, and able to damage concrete with her bare hands! Her training has honed her into a focused and dangerous fighter, so much so that a world-famous martial artist, Traugott Geissendorfer, admires her technique.


Surprisingly, she secretly works with Izaya Orihara and her true motives and past remain a mystery.

8. Shinra Kishitani

Shinra is a young doctor who operates outside the legal system. He’s skilled in medicine and surgery. More than just a doctor, Shinra is fascinated by the unusual. He finds things like Celty’s headless existence and Shizuo’s immense strength incredibly interesting.

However, Shinra’s real “power” isn’t physical or supernatural. He’s a genius strategist and manipulator. He can be cunning and uses his intellect to deal with the chaotic world of Ikebukuro.

9. Anri Sonohara

Anri might seem like an ordinary high school student at first glance. However, there’s more to her than meets the eye.


She leads a double life. By day, she’s a normal student. By night, she becomes her “true self”, the holder of the “Slasher” Saika, a sentient demonic blade. It can also manipulate those it cuts to become more violent and aggressive.

While Anri herself isn’t particularly strong, wielding Saika makes her incredibly dangerous.

10. Egor

A highly skilled assassin from Russia, Egor is ranked as the seventh deadliest in the country.

Interestingly, he doesn’t rely on traditional weapons, instead using anything around him as a weapon during combat. This makes him unpredictable and adaptable in a fight.


Is there anyone you would add to this list of the strongest Durarara!! characters? Let us know in the comments!


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