Marinette and Adrien: Do They End Up Together?

Warning: Does Contain Spoilers for Season 3 of Miraculous Ladybug for Chat Blanc and later episodes. But no worries! This post will explain the future of Marinette and Adrien. At least, some major theories have been going on since this show started and stated facts from the creators.

I decided to start re-watching all the episodes I had missed and enjoyed them until I saw that the spoilers for Chat Blanc and Feliz were already out. As SOON as there was an English dub, I went for it and gobbled the episode down before bursting into tears. But before I get into too much of it and why this series has left me in tears, not to mention Marinette and Adrien’s fate, I thought I would mention a few things I loved about this episode (Chat Blanc).


“It’s bigger on the inside.” Thank you, Doctor Who reference.


Okay, onto the angst…

First off, I would rather the Gorilla be Adrien’s Father than Gabriel at this post because I’m still fuming after watching Chat Blanc. He cared enough for Adrien to let him go after Marinette and numerous times throughout the show has let Adrien go see his friends.

miraculous ladybug marinette and adrien. Chat blanc screenshot

Of course, there’s even more angst. Because our precious sunshine child can’t seem to have an easy life. Seriously, we all wanted to know how he wasn’t a supervillain and now we got to see him as one.

I mean, Plagg IS the kawami of destruction. But dang…I’m glad he’s still mostly our Adrien.


Even as Chat Blanc, he hesitated on using his powers on Marinette/Ladybug.

Look at a screenshot theory from the episode here. Credit to familyagrestefanblog (link here) for making this first. They put it best.

So, first off, I HATE Gabriel Agreste. My answer to their timeline so that Marinette and Adrien can be together is to just kill him. Maybe throw him into space with the trash like the Mayor tried to do in an earlier episode. With trash, not Gabriel.

Back in “The Gorilla”, when he chucked Adrien out the roof, he was seen to at least be slightly anxious, severely hoping that his son would transform into Chat Noir (which was merely a theory at the time, so he wanted to check it out) But here? He learns that his son really is Chat Noir, but not only does he use it for his own advantage, but he also acts like a cold-blooded villain to his first-born child. He exploits his findings. And is just pure evil.


Should Marinette and Adrien End Up Together?

“I would wish to fix everything so we can be in love again!” Can ya’ll believe #chatblanc is canonically a yandere??? Well, yeah. I mean after EVERYTHING he went through, it would make anyone become one.

miraculous ladybug chat blanc screenshot

Okay, I’m all for them ending up together. The creators have confirmed that they ARE canon and will be together by the end of the show(whether that’s season 5 or 6, we don’t know). But in the latest episode for Chat Blanc, we saw one version of what would happen if Adrien found out first. And it almost destroyed the timeline. Because of stupid freaking Gabriel Agreste. Seriously, can’t they just kill him?

Okay, fine, murder is wrong. I’m all for just sending him to rot in prison instead but I want them to do it BEFORE Adrien has to hurt anymore. In ONE episode, he was dumped, learned his mother was in the house AND his father was Hawkmoth. It’s no wonder he broke.

He needs his happy ending!

miraculous ladybug marinette and adrien chat blanc screenshot

I mean, LOOK at how he looked at Marinette. MARINETTE, not just Ladybug. They were perfect together. It was everything we wanted them to be and Hawkmoth had to go and freaking destroy it. Nathalie isn’t in the clear, either. She’s the one who TOLD Gabriel that his son was Chat Noir. She may be awesome at martial arts but she’s a turd and needs to leave Adrien alone.

Thankfully, this is just Season 3. Season 5 has been confirmed and there was talk of a season 6. Which means they still have time to fall together naturally. Thomas Astruc has confirmed that Marinette and Adrien will end up together (without any oblivio crap happening) by the end of the show, so we’ll have to rely on that. We know that there WILL be a reveal that won’t leave us in angry tears. In the meantime, I’m sobbing and re-reading fanfiction to get over this depressing anger.

Here are two CONFIRMED sources showing that Adrien and Marinette WILL end up together and are end game

thomas astruc confirming adrien and marinette end up together miraculous ladybug
thomas astruc confirming adrien and marinette end up together miraculous ladybug

Have you already seen this episode? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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