Genderbend Anime: Fanart, Cosplay and More!

Genderbend anime: just a little of everything to get rid f the craving that you might have for it!

Genderbend Anime: Actual shows

This anime shows a rare aspect of gender inequality, gender discrimination towards the male population. The protagonist of this anime, Hibiki, wants to apply for a job in the Seito Sannomiya Private School, but he faces rejection solely because he is a guy. It makes him decide to prove something and also to earn a living; he transforms into a girl with the help of his friends so that he can get the job. Now you will have to see how he manages everything like a girl.

Mahou Shoujo Ore

Mahou Shoujo Ore

This anime has a lot of bizarre factors. When Saki Uno has to take up her mother’s job because of her back injury, she gets dictated by a Yakuza with a very uncommon name Kokoro that she is a Magical girl who needs to fight demons. She was very shocked when she found herself getting transformed into a very muscular man wearing a pink dress, and when the demons happened to have cute bear faces with very muscular bodies. But she has to do it no matter what, especially when she wants to save the boy she likes and also to save her dying career as an idol singer.

3. Himegoto (Secret Princess)

Himegoto (1)

This anime also revolves around the plot of owing debts. After so many anime, you should never make debts because debts change your gender. Here you will find a young, High School going guy who has a huge amount of debts, but those debts are paid off by some good people. Everything becomes a mess after this, as these good people turn out to be the members of the student’s council of an all-girl school. Well then it is quite predictable as to what happens to this guy – he had to spend the rest of his high school dressed as a girl.



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And of course, there are tons of genderbend fanfictions on fanfic net and a03. I’m pretty sure they even have their own tag. There are a few Angels of Death fanfictions that I read that deal with a genderbended Zack AND Ray and it’s adorable. Of course, this is all up to personal preference.

What do you think? What genderbend characters are your favorites or would you like to see more? Let us know in the comments below!

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