Master Fu is Marinette’s Grandfather?!

Master Fu is Marinette’s Grandfather?!

*With Season 3, Master Fu is NOT actually Marinette’s Grandfather. This is pretty much a parody that used to be theory before season 3 came out. But it was a fun theory to begin*

With as much as I love this fandom, I HAD to make an article soon for all my beloved fan theories. I’m completely obsessed with this fandom and seriously cannot get enough of it.  As dedicated fans, we all love some crazy good theories.  There’s speculation behind certain moments of what has happened or what’s going to come. I mean just look at the Harry Potter fandom. I’m a serious HP nerd and will fight anyone over this, but some major theorists stated that Dumbledore was gay(I totally believe this and just love him more) and also that he was the REAL villain of the story.

As much as I would love to go ahead and start a whole article about why he ISN’T, this one is for My Lady and My Precious Cinnamon Roll.


Since falling headfirst and letting my soul become consumed by this fandom, I started thinking more of the world around it. We could just be content with the cute and heart-warming story of a French-Korean animated show that has lots of laughs and one of the world’s most frustrating love squares…but…no.

See, I think there’s more to this world than meets the eye. When Season 2 was first announced(but not released) with a panel at Comic-Con, several articles popped up connecting Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir to other universes and worlds…such as the Marvel Universe. According to Thomas Astruc, “[The Quantic Universe] is the extended universe in which live Ladybug and Cat Noir. Ladybug is to Quantic Universe what Spider-Man is to the Marvel-verse or Batman to the DC-verse. Quantic Universe is filled with super-heroes in all countries, alien races, magic… Ladybug is just a tiny part of it.  Previously, according to Astruc, it was also possible that Félix, the first version of Cat Noir before Adrien, still existed in some way there. However, Astruc later stated that Félix will never appear.

The Quantic Kids was an old, unused concept of Ladybug and Cat Noir (featuring Félix as Cat Noir, rather than Adrien) being members of a superhero team, as requested by a producer. It failed to help sell the concept of Ladybug to broadcasters, which resulted in Ladybug and Cat Noir remaining as a duo.

As a proud nerd, I loved this and lapped it up. But there was one fan theory that I thought of and it had me thinking…


Master Fu…

Now, we know that Master Fu holds a Miraculous(Wayzz) and is a cute little turtle kwami, but I think there’s a little more to it than that. See…I have this theory that Master Fu…is actually Marinette’s Grandfather. Well, her great-great-great-grandfather considering he’s 186 years old.

I know, right? I can hear alarms going off in your heads already as I type this! But bear with me one moment. I think it explains so much that Marinette’s parents don’t recognize(aka acknowledge) that their daughter is Ladybug. Why? Because they already know. We know there’s a “magic” theory for why Adrien and Marinette don’t recognize each other in their hero outfits, but Marinette’s family doesn’t have that excuse. They know her too well AND her voice.

It already bugs the crap out of me that Adrien can’t tell that Marinette is Ladybug. They LOOK and SOUND the same! The only thing I can think of is that since he changes his hair and eyes during transformation, he probably suspects that Ladybug does as well. He probably thinks that Marinette is a fan which is why she wears her hair in the same style as Ladybug. Even though the more obvious reason is that THEY’RE THE SAME FREAKING PERSON! 

But our precious cinnamon roll isn’t always the best at noticing the obvious…like his Father being Hawkmoth but that’s a whole other can of crushing worms that hurts my soul. When Adrien finds out, it’s going to kill me. My poor child! He’s already in a broken and lonely home…


(Insert break for major fangirl crying and needing to calm down)

Back to the theory about Master Fu…

My theory is that Mariette’s mom already knows about the miraculous’s and is only pretending to not know to help her daughter grow more into the Ladybug that Paris needs at the moment. She probably figures that Marinette will tell her when she’s ready. More than that, it’s set in PARIS. WHY would the only CHINESE people on the show be her mother and Master Fu?


It just makes sense. I know it’s just a theory but it’s a major head-canon and I believe it 100%. What do ya’ll think? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below!


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And as always, keep smiling! 

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