Top Female Anime Characters To Improve Your Confidence

Top Female Anime Characters To Improve Your Confidence

There’s no shortage of super kick-butt females in the anime world. We just had to make a list of our top 5 favorite female anime characters to show our love and support!

Mikasa Ackerman


Of course, Mikasa would be first. With the season 3 trailer of AoT arriving, more hype around this amazing fandom has been going around. She’s loyal and feisty and can totally kick Titan butt! Now to try to get the Attack on Titan theme song out of my head…

Kagome Higurashi


Going back to my childhood days. Inuyasha  was my first real anime (that wasn’t something I just watched on Saturday mornings like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon) and Kagome was a role model and inspiration for me while growing up. Often I would ask myself, what would Kagome do?

Role models like her were perfect for a shy nerd like me growing up. Her character helped make me brave and I will always love this classic anime.

Ezra Scarlet


Who DOESN’T love Ezra? When I first started watching Fairy Tail, her introduction scene was so epically amazing, I had to rewatch a few times. After watching the series and getting (emotionally) invested in it, I fell in love with her perseverance. Although Fairy Tail has this thing of suddenly beating an unstoppable foe with “friendship power“, I still admired her character.

And can we just admire how she handled the Jellal thing? I just…udisghvkscjvbkbdnm

Violet Evergarden


This anime showed on Netflix earlier this year. If you haven’t already watched it, I highly suggest you go and watch it. It’s incredible. She’s determined to find out what love is. Even though she was raised as a war machine, she wants to know love. It’s an anime that gives you all the feels.

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug


I saved the best for last! Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with this fandom. Though some will argue that Miraculous is a kids cartoon, I will fight you on that. The number of times they have almost killed people on this “kids show” put it into a different category.

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Miraculous had helped me get through my depression this year in ways that other trials and error haven’t been able to. Suddenly, I was able to go outside despite dealing with agoraphobia. Here was a female anime character that was given this gift(her miraculous). Despite being afraid, Marinette chose to fight anyway. It gave me a reason to fight my own Akuma’s(my depression/bi-polar/anxiety).



What anime characters(female or not) help improve your confidence? Let me know in the comments below!

As always,

Keep Smiling!

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