Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir: Why Don’t They Know Yet?

Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir has already premiered outside of the states, but for me, I finally saw the English subbed here. The first few seasons will be on Netflix this December, but luckily fans have already shared it for those of us who didn’t have access. Thank goodness for that, am I right?

*Spoilers Ahead if You Haven’t Seen The First Episode of Season Two*

The first episode “The Collector” finally answered a question we’ve been asking since Season One: Hawkmoth’s Identity. As we mentioned in the last post, there were three theories regarding Hawkmoth’s identity. I’m glad to know that our fears have been put to rest with it being confirmed that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth, but the first episodes of the second season only opened more questions.

miraculous ladybug and chat noir cat noir

What spells what Master Fu talking about that could bring more powers to Ladybug and Chat Noir? Who has the Peacock miraculous?

One question, in particular, has been bugging me from the beginning and I know I’m not alone in my thinking…

Why can’t Adrien and Marinette tell who their partner is?

It’s obvious that Ladybug is Marinette and Chat Noir is Adrien. I mean Marinette has the same hairstyle, color, and eyes as Ladybug. If Adrien can tell that Nino is the Bubbler, HOW can he not know who Ladybug is? And while Chat Noir’s eyes and hair change only slightly, the colors are the same and…the…voices…are…the…exact…same. It’s so frustrating watching this love square. Marinette is clueless but Adrien isn’t much better.


I guess you can say that love makes you blind and with the personality changes, it could be hard to know unless it was 100% confirmed. But on the other hand, how could no one else know who Ladybug is? Marinette’s own parents and best friend are clueless. I can’t wait for this reveal to happen. I feel like it will just bring our cute little children even closer together.

Speaking of getting closer together…the dance scene in episode two was too cute! I was squealing and jumping up and down while watching this. I don’t care how old I get, I freaking love this OTP. Now I have to go read/write more Ladybug fanfiction to get my fix.

miraculous ladybug and chat noir cat noir cute chibi

What scene did you like best? What did you think of the reveal? Let me know in the comments below? I love meeting new fans of the show. Let us fangirl together!

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