Angels of Death Review: Killers Make Good Friends?

Some of us have already heard of Angels of Death a couple of times before, having seen the game a few times on Steam. The game was even released as a manga though there are a few volumes that haven’t been translated into English yet. After playing the game, I was curious to see how this 16 episode anime adaptation would go into. So far, I have seen the first 5 episodes with the next episode set to be released on the 10th of this month.

What’s Angels of Death About?

The first protagonist is Rachel Gardner, a 13-year-old girl who wakes up in an unrecognizable place and only supposedly remembers going to a psychologist appointment after she saw people getting murdered. She decides to try to escape the building but to her surprise, each floor has a master that will try to kill her for the simple given reason that she was selected as a sacrifice.

The first floor she’s on is B6, is where she meets Zack, a serial killer who wields a scythe and is covered in bandages.

Later on, Zack breaks the place’s rules by going to the next floor and attacking its master so he too is selected as a sacrifice along with the girl and they have to work together to escape. The two form an odd “friendship” with a promise that Rachel will help  Zack escape this place if he will kill her in return. 


Each level brings a new killer to them. Cathy, who we met in episodes 4-5 so far, has probably one of the most annoying laughs I’ve ever heard. If I thought I wanted to kick Zack earlier at his laughing, he has nothing on Cathy.

Not to mention, her level seems to be a bit Saw inspired. I was waiting for one of them to have to cut off a hand or foot, but nope, she already provided that for them.

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Thoughts About the Plot

To begin with, I think the premise of Angels of Death is pretty darn awesome. A little cliche at times, and a few moments where I wanted to scream at Rachel to show some emotion on her face. Then again, if she had, she would have already been killed by Zack which wouldn’t make for a very long show or game. Not to mention, Rachel is mentally broken, which would explain why it’s difficult for her to show the expression on her face. Even in the first episode, I just wanted to kick Zach in the shins for being a butthead, so I guess I wouldn’t last very long there.


Speaking of emotions though, I think it’s a little funny that Zack can show more emotions on his face than Ray.

Zack as a character is interesting. We see throughout episode 5, his backstory is a little more than we thought. He’s had a rough past. It seems his foster parents(who are complete buttheads) made him bury the bodies of other children and treated him as nothing more than a tool. From the amount of bags and the way the woman speaks, you can assume that they’ve done this before.

Final Thoughts

It deals with everything I ever could ask for: mental health problems, and even the different points of view towards religion.  It even does the life aspects really well. Already knowing the ending doesn’t make this anime any less well done and I’m excited to see where it goes. If anything, I just want to keep playing.

Have you already watched this? Or have you played the game? Let me know in the comments below!


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p.s….isn’t Zack super hot? Or is that just me? Lol, I’ll go fangirl by myself in the corner.


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