7 Best Vegeta Transformations That Stunned The Fans

Best Vegeta Transformations: The Dragon Ball anime franchise has seen many transformations over the years. From Goku to Gohan to Trunks, all have displayed a large variety of transformations. But Vegeta stands on the top of this list. The Saiyans have showcased some of the best transformations in the history of Dragon Ball. Starting from the Great Ape form to the current God of Destruction form, the character has come a long way from where he started.

So, today we will take a look at all those transformations of Vegeta that amused fans. From the beginning of his journey as an Ape Saiyan to his God form, we have covered it all. Thus, without any further ado, here is a list of the Best Vegeta Transformations In Dragon Ball.

Super Saiyan Blue


The Super Saiyan Blue form has been one of the most powerful forms of Vegeta. The anatomy of the form comes from the combination of the Super Saiyan God and the first Super Saiyan form. Being one of the hardest forms to acquire, the SS Blue form is exclusive to some of the most powerful Saiyans only. Vegeta’s Blue form was first seen in the Tournament of Power when the Saiyan was facing Jiren. Moreover, Vegeta was trying to acquire the Ultra Instinct state, but he could only reach the Blue form. Hence, this eventually leads him to win the match.

Super Saiyan God


The Super Saiyan God form is the predecessor of the Blue form. In the anime, fans directly saw Vegeta in the Blue form. This means that his power quotient skipped the lower form. But the God form is extremely powerful within itself. Later on, fans saw Vegeta’s God transformation in the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. The form was used against Broly to take down the God Ki.


Moreover, Vegeta’s God transformation overshadowed all other forms once it commenced during the battle. This one is certainly one of the best Vegeta Transformations.

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Vegito or Vegerot

Vegerot vegito super saiyan blue final Dragon-Ball-Super-Blue-Vegito-1

Fusion is one of the most common tropes in Dragon Ball transformations. Fans have seen a plethora of transformations based on this style. The Vegito transformation was a result of Goku and Vegeta’s fusion. The form was first seen in the Fusion Saga of DBZ. Goku and Vegeta were up against Super Buu. They used the Potara Fusion Earrings to transform into Vegito. Even author Akira Toriyama has confirmed that Vegito is one of the strongest characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

Super Saiyan Rage


Also known as the Super Saiyan Anger form, Rage Super Saiyan is exclusive only to Vegeta and Trunks. Vegeta has only transformed into a rage Saiyan several times. This form finds its origin in the God of Destruction, Beerus, who has a Fury transformation. Moreover, the fury translates into various branched forms like Rage, Anger, and Rose. Vegeta’s Rose form is still considered to be one of the most powerful transformations in the franchise.



Much like the Super Saiyan God form, the Gogeta fusion also first appeared in DBS Broly. Goku and Vegeta commenced the Fusion Dance to transform into Gogeta. During their battle against Janemba. The reason why Gogeta is considered one of the best Vegeta transformations is that the form is almost indestructible. The author himself has stated that both the Fusion forms are the most powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball series. Moreover, the name Gogeta was derived by Piccolo after Vekugo and Gokuga were rejected.


Great Ape Form


The Great Ape is the most feared transformation of Vegeta. The reason for this fear is that this anthropomorphic state is not under Vegeta’s control. Well, the Saiyan tends to lose all control over his senses while in this form. But it is still considered one of the best Vegeta forms. This is because no villain has been able to withstand the might of this ape. Unfortunately, after Vegeta cut off his tail, he could never turn into the Great Ape.

Majin Vegeta Form


During the events of the Buu Saga, the Majin Vegeta Form was first seen. When Vegeta became a minion of Babidi, he was forced to fuse with Majin Buu to commence a powerful form. The result was indeed a powerful form. But after Majin Buu’s elimination in Dragon Ball Z, the chances of seeing a Majin Vegeta Transformation dropped to a low point. Despite that, Majin Vegeta is still one of the most powerful characters in the Buu Saga.

With this, we have concluded this list of the Best Vegeta Transformations. Which of these forms is your personal favorite? Did we miss out on any other form in this list? Please let us know in the comment section below. Lastly, for more such interesting listicles, keep coming back.

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