Is Tet a boy or girl?

No Game, No Life Is Tet a boy or girl? After 12 anime episodes, 1 film, 2 volumes of Manga and 10 volumes of NGNL light novel this question came up.

I might have gotten a little carried away…

Watching the movie made it really hard not to like Tet’s character even more than I already did before.

Tet’s character is a character created from love, sadness, hopefulness, strength, and so much more.

Starting off as Riku’s imaginary friend, without form, Tet saw wars and suffering through Riku, and was finally given form through Riku’s wish, Schwi and the enormous surrounding magic energy making Tet the God of Games, the “ultimate gamer” that Riku fantasized.


Tet not only inheriting Riku’s wish to end the war but also implemented ten commandments that although modified, is still based strongly on Riku’s original six commandments for survival.

Tet to me is like the child that carries on Riku and Schwi’s legacy and hopes for the future.

But I just recently noticed while looking at gender character categories that our bright, playful, benevolent and peace-loving Tet. According to consensus and assumptions;


Tet is a boy.


Am I the only one who thought Tet was a girl?

I find it hard to believe that Tet’s a boy. I mean to me Tet’s just a tomboy, a reverse trap (a girl that looks like a boy).

Before I put up any reasons why I think Tet’s a girl, I think it should be noted that:

Yū Kamiya the author of No Game, No Life has not yet made an official statement about the gender of Tet.


So what other points do I have to support my theory you ask? Well…


Tet is an Old Deus

What are Old Deus?

Old Deus are a first ranked race of the Exceed. They are made and exist from concepts such as sentiments, desires and belief in their existence. Like how Tet comes about being from Riku Dola’s imagination or Artosh’s from people’s desire for war.

My point is Old Deus can shapeshift and take the form of other races, their true form exists in the form of Ether.

Tet’s ether form is the Suniastor.


Old Deus can take any form they please, so doesn’t that mean Tet can also be seen as a girl then. To them, gender will be like trying on shoes.

“Boku” is used to for Tet

Yes, “boku” is usually used for referring to males but girls can also refer to themselves using “boku.”

And they’re usually tomboys, so… Victory sign


Inconclusive by the Author

Drawing from my first point earlier the author still hasn’t made it know what gender Tet is and has simply left it to the imagination of others. 


In Japanese, it possible to refer to someone with a neutral pronoun without giving it’s gender away.

A case of this would be Crona from Soul Eater gender was never revealed in the original manga (They only had to give Crona a gender so has not to have to refer to him has “It“)

Tet is a god


Being the One True God of Disboard, can we really classify someone with god status under a specific gender when he can change his gender to anyone, he chooses. Tet and the other Old Deus are concepts after all and concepts change, so their gender should also be looked at this way after all.

That’s all my points.

Well thank you for sticking around to the end of my ramblings, let me know what you think about Tet’s gender, how did it make you feel? What do you think of my points? What gender would you like Tet to be?


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Till next time keep smiling…


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