Does Kakashi Hatake have a son?

Does Kakashi Hatake have a son? and am I the only one curious about this. Hay everyone, so I been wanting to write about this but haven’t been having enough time to sit down and get it done.

With the beginning of the new series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations we saw that almost everyone has already settled down, apart from Kakashi, Guy and maybe a few others.

But Kakashi not settling down, really bugs me, especially after seeing the new generation of konoha ninjas, I just felt it wasn’t fair not having a little copy ninja running around.

Karneval Nai Karoku smiling
cute little copy ninja jr.

I mean he’s such a great ninja and everyone has a little one why can’t he. I mean does that mean he never found happiness and you know what I mean.


I know having a wife and kids doesn’t make or prove you are happy. I just feel there is someone for everyone, so why couldn’t Kakashi find his or did he ?

So let’s look at reasons why Kakashi might not have wanted to settle down.

The Real Reason Why Kakashi Isn’t Married ?

To try and figure this out let’s have a quick refresher on his past;

  • He grew up as an orphan when his father killed himself, after going against orders and being discriminated for this. This did a number on Kakashi and made him believe that the orders a ninja was given should always be absolute.
  • He had to carry the burden and regret of his best friend Obito and fellow team mate Rin dying, which he felt was all his faults, caused my his inadequacies.
  • Dealing with his sensei’s death (Minato)
  • He couldn’t keep Sasuke on the straight and narrow path, when he became the Sensei of team 7
  • He was never able to finish reading his favourite series of novels he loved because of the death of the author (Jiraya)

Kakashi life has always been very difficult, it’s a very emotionally draining one that would make most of us unhinged.

picture that shows all of kakashi tragedies

It’s not hard to believe that at some point, he would become scared of loving or subconsciously avoid loving things. Believing that everything he seems to loves dissappears or dies.

I mean even once Kishimoto stated that in reality he didn’t make Kakashi finding the girl of his life simply because he keeps his face always covered.

Or was it that Kakashi didn’t want to build a family because it would have made him weak in front of his enemies, since he would have had something more to lose or something more to care about in those life or death situations of being a ninja.

Or could Kakashi Hatake have been playing one on us all these years. I have my doubts after watching this episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and seeing this boy.

Houki Taketori
Houki Taketori

Yes I know they don’t have the same surname and yes he could just be another fan boy of the legendary 6th Hokage.

But it is possible he’s Kakashi’s son, I mean Naruto’s through parentage was hidden from him because of all the enemies the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki because of her bloodline had.

Does Kakashi Hatake have a son ?

Am sure the 6th Hokage is not lacking in the department of “enemies who would try to get to him through his loved ones.”

Maybe hiding in plain sight as a 6th Hokage fan might be the way to go. And maybe am just over thinking this but he as had love interests, lets look into that.


Kakashi Hatake’s love interest?

Starting off the list of women Kakashi could have fathered a child;

  • Rin Nohara
Rin Nohara

This technically doesn’t count since it was a one sided love. Kakashi has never shown interest with her other than keeping his promise he had with Obito which he failed at keeping by the way.

rin and kakashi naruto
Ooo unrequited love, we can always imagine though
  • Kahyo
Kakashi Hiden

Well Kahyo some of you might not know she’s from a spin-off novel Kakashi Hiden: Lightning In The Icy Sky, it is set shortly after Sasuke’s departure from the Hidden Leaf. Part of Naruto Hiden (a.k.a. Naruto Secret Chronicles) is a light novel series which explores the stories of various characters after the conclusion of the original manga. This one shows how Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage.

Kakashi seemed to fall for her. Shes a ninja that is at a Kage skill level using ice release justu. Even going one on one with Raikage Ay and winning the training fight.


They meet at a point were she’s join a group that follow Madera way’s and they are trying to take down the system and at the end she ends up serving a life sentence as the warden of blood prison, so is there a chance there really.

It’s implied though that there was something going on between them, I mean with the last line of the novel being,

“Spring time is around the corner”

which in Japan is often a sign of blossoming love

Even if logic and reason point otherwise, I means she even says her job as the warden of blood prison keeps her really busy.

But Kakashi literally chases Naruto across Konoha to reprimand him for spreading rumors about him being head-over-heels for Kahyo, and while those could be the actions of an innocent or a guilty man, the actual letter he sends her is fairly innocent and she does say she’s happy now, could it be because of love who knows.

Kakashi blushing
  • Hanare
Hanare & Kakashi

Where to start with Hanare and Kakashi to me this is the most probable person he could have had a child with.

Hanare is a kunoichi and spy from the Jōmae Village. As a young child, Hanare was said to be very lonely since she had never known her family or seen her own village. I think they really connected on an emotional level more than any of the other women on our list.

They both clearly had feelings for each other and I really felt our copy ninja was in love. There was a scene in the beginning of episode 191, where he sees a girl acting like Hanare and he whispers her name.

He seemed really sad and seemed to miss her, and this is from a guy who keeps his emotions suppressed as much as possible so for him to show such emotions I felt he most be deeply in love with her.

Hanare & Kakashi

Or maybe the only relationship Kakashi wants are;

His Dogs

kakashi and his dogs

I mean they have been with him forever and they are mans best friends.

His Mask

kakashi mask blushing
I mean he as two spares just in case something happens to the first one

Well either way I guess we can hope and dream, that maybe love conquered one of the coolest Ninjas in Narutoverse.

Hanare with Kakashi
Hanare X Kakashi is a theory I am behind a 100%

So that’s all I have for you, any theory you have or thoughts let me know in the comments section. Thank you for sticking around to the end and reading my ramblings and for my old readers thanks for all your support. Till next time keeping trying to smile.


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