9 Worst Anime Parents: Where Are They?

Worst anime parents…when it comes to anime we all know that anime parents aren’t always involved. Depending on the type of genre, they can be fully integrated or barely mentioned. We also all know if the mom or female character has that low side pony, they already are or are about to be dead.

Worst Anime Parents

Shou Tucker

shou tucker full metal alchemist worst anime parents ever
  • Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

We got to get this man out of the way. He is on the 9/10 anime list or one of the worst anime parents. And he deserves it! He created one of the most traumatic scenes in anime history. The disturbing scene is when it is revealed he physically combined his five-year-old daughter, Nina, and her pet dog, Alexander, into a chimera. Still, one that bothers me to this day.

Daigo Kagemitsu

Kagemitsu Daigo (Dororo)
  • Anime: Dororo

It’s safe to say that Daigo is competing for the top spot of worst anime parents ever. He’s second on the list, right behind Shou. Kagemitsu Daigo is as greedy and corrupt as they come. He makes a deal with 12 demons to gain prosperous land and unrivaled power on the battlefields. As a result, Hyakkimaru is born without any limbs, eyes, nose, ears, or even skin. And to make it even worse, Daigo abandons Hyakkimaru by the river and leaves him to die on his own.

Momiji’s Mother

Momoji's mother fruits basket
  • Anime: Fruits Basket

Momoji’s mother is another one of the worst anime parents. She saw Momoji as a terrible creature rather than her son. She hated him so much that the family decided to erase her memories of Momoji so that she could be happy again. It’s just heartbreaking and makes me sick.


Ken Kaneki’s Mom

  • Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

This woman believed that a person would only find happiness through being hurt by others, rather than causing the hurt themselves. Not only that but it was revealed that she would physically beat him. This warped Kaneki’s views of interpersonal relationships, and he constantly made himself the subject of hurt, believing this would protect the ones he loved.

Charles zi Britannia

Charles Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Now Charles was an awful father to his children. His philosophy was that the weak are to be thrown aside for the strong. He paid no attention to his daughter after she became blind and disowned both his daughter and Lelouch when he stood up for her.

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Enji Todoroki/Endeavor

endeavor my hero academia
  • Anime: My Hero Academia

His mom gave birth to three children who were seen as failures by Endeavor until eventually Todoroki was born. His dad, if you can call him that, forced him to train tirelessly and avoid spending time with any of his siblings. Talk about being the worst!

Mayu’s Parents

mayu's parents elfen lied
  • Anime: Elfen Lied

Mayu’s stepfather is a sick man who takes advantage of her. When Mayu appeals to her mother for help, her mother slaps her in the face, calls her a liar, and tells her that she is unloved and unwanted. Her parents should have never even been parents and it makes me so angry. I know it’s just an anime…but these issues are real and it’s sickening to think about.


Medusa Gorgon

soul eater medusa gorgon
  • Anime: Soul Eater

Medusa was cruel and she had a detached attitude that resulted in them becoming highly unstable. Even to the very end, Medusa had no problem killing her child. HOW can a parent do that?

Saki Arima

Saki Arima (Your Lie In April)
  • Anime: Your Lie in April

When Ms. Arima develops an unspecified terminal illness that makes it impossible for her to continue her musical career, she begins to live vicariously through Kousei. This means long, grueling practice sessions, and regular beatings whenever he makes a mistake.

After his mother dies, Kousei stops being able to hear music, and it takes him nearly the entire series for his talent to be a source of pleasure instead of trauma.


So that was 9 of the worst anime parents ever. If you or anyone you know is suffering at the hands of a parent, call the child helpline at the link here. Child abuse is NEVER okay.

Is there anyone that you think deserves to be on this list for worst anime parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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