Miraculous Villains: Who Was the Best?

Miraculous Villains: Who was the best? There's no question that Miraculous Ladybug has had some pretty cool and pretty WEIRD villains. And while we're all waiting for the reveal to happen and season 4 to FINALLY come out after the craziness of the world, here's a fun little list of miraculous villains.

Miraculous Villains: Who was the best? There’s no question that Miraculous Ladybug has had some pretty cool and pretty WEIRD villains. And while we’re all waiting for the reveal to happen and season 4 to FINALLY come out after the craziness of the world, here’s a fun little list of miraculous villains. I should note that Hawkmoth is not on here, nor is Volpina. Because I hate them both too much right now.

Dark Owl

miraculous ladybug villians dark owl

He was one of the few that almost won! Despite the somewhat silly costume, we got the almost reveal. Unsure whether Tikki and Plagg already knew who each others charges were but they certainly do know now.

Stormy Weather

stormy weather

Stormy Weather is by far the best, so awesome she has the skills to become a main antagonist. I mean, being able to control any type of weather is cool enough but she could inflict serious damage on people. Her abilities make her one of the best miraculous villains.

The Mime

mime miraculous ladybug

He has a very cool power and his design is dope. Also he carried almost the entire Eiffel Tower on his own! He’s easily the strongest foe Ladybug has ever faced, and if this weren’t a kids show, he’d be even more terrifying.



Just because it said “Best” doesn’t mean the villain wasn’t funny but pure evil. So I say Mr.Pigeon Is the most funniest goofball in this. I mean screw all the other miraculous villains! This guy got akumatized 23…no! 25 times!

The Evillustrator

The Evillustrator

Quite possibly the most powerful of all the miraculous villains. He can draw ANYTHING, including nuclear bombs, giant asteroids, unstoppable tanks, you name it, and it becomes real! And can erase anything he wants from existence! Talk about overpowered! And just awesome in general!

He needed to realize just how powerful he could be! He could have drawn an army of evil Ladybugs, or erased Ladybug’s lucky charm! The possibility are literally endless.


copycat miraculous ladybug

L’ Imposteur or Copycat is a villain from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug . A villain with a power to impersonate people, especially Chat Noir . His civilian self is Theo Barbeau, a sculptor who has crush to Ladybug . His akuma is contained on the newspaper article that he use as an inspiration for his sculpture. Considering how much I already like Chat noir, it was easy to include Copycat in this miraculous villains list.


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Timebreaker…(best miraculous villain?)

Timebreaker (Chronogirl in French) is an akumatized villain from the show Miraculous Ladybug. Her power is absorbing people’s energy to make her stronger. Her civilian self is Alix Kubdel.

Alix/Timebreaker is arguably the most powerful character in Miraculous. Although the Miraculous are pretty powerful, their abilities are honestly mainly enchanted objects and superhuman strength/agility. Alix can kill with a single touch, not just kill in fact, erase you from existence and use your vital force to make her stronger. She is deadly fast, strong, agile and has the ultimate power: time breaking. Although Evillustrartor, Inverso and the Sandman are pretty overpowered, Timebreaker and Horrificator are really the only unstoppable villains, because they grow stronger on what makes you weak. They also really have it in for everybody, not just seeking revenge or love.

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer

If she was an adult she would be so close to winning. Manon was freaking scary in this. Being able to control more than one miraculous user at once is almost unlimited power. Can you imagine if she had the Hawkmoth doll????

Puppeteer DID control Cat Noir, but Ladybug had the upper hand – Puppeteer is just a kid, and when she fought her, she was in a room surrounded by possible weapons.


Simon Says

simon says

Pretty much has the ability to make other people obey him. he can also make others work for him or even stop them from moving. He broke through Gabriel’s security, and we’ve all seen how intense that is! He is one of the few akumatised miraculous villains who almost achieved their goal.


miraculous ladybug sandboy

And in my opinion, facing your fears is the hardest thing of all.
He brings peoples nightmares to life

The Pharaoh

pharoh miraculous ladybug

I just look at all the powers, given to him by the ancient gods, and I can’t stand it. He just has to say the name of a god and gets amazing powers.

Who are your favorite miraculous villains? Let us know in the comments below!


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