Top 15 Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends

There’s been husbando wars. There’s been waifu wars. Now there are Top 15 Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends!

This is our way of celebrating national girlfriend day (which was on August 1st) and the pervy sage, Jiraiya (November 11th). We will be looking at the stage before husbando or waifu, the girlfriend stage. 

Jiraiya the great toad sage of Mount Myoboku pervy sage naruto
Yep it’s still Jiraiya month too!!!

So who’s our favorite 2D girl? Who captured our hearts? Were they a meek dandere, a troublesome tsundere, or an obsessed yandere? Did they have elaborate backstories and personality traits?

With a cast of beauties vying for our attention, it would be almost every anime fan’s dream come true to spend some time with one of these cool and gorgeous female anime characters.

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior Mayumi Nishikino Kazunari Usa Tsuneda Miharu helping her get settled anime guy girls want to get dirt on Sayaka Watanabe
Welcome! Let’s show you our list and you can show us yours…

Today, we’ll be picking 15 of these charming ladies. Here’s the list of the best anime girlfriends in no particular order.

Rinko Yamato (My Love Story!!)

Rinko Yamato My Love Story!! Ore Monogatari!! blushing

First on our list of Top 15 Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends is Rinko Yamato from My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!). Rinko meets Takeo Gouda after an unfortunate incident that he saves her from. After the two hit it off and unlike most anime girls she takes the initiative, promptly asking him to be her boyfriend.

Rinko is one of my favorites because she looks past appearances and loves Takeo for who he is. She is understanding and innocent but yet completely not dumb about love. I really like how calculating she can be and to me they are honestly one of the sweetest anime couples (they feel like a more realistic and relatable couple).

Gouda, Takeo & Yamato, Rinko

Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihouin Bleach

Do I have a thing for neko girls maybe? Yoruichi Shihouin is the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13, as well as the former commander of the Onmitsukidō.


Even though we can’t say for certain, she was romantically involved with Kisuke Urahara, she has a lot of amazing qualities that would make her an amazing girlfriend. She is smart, witty, mature, sometimes a mischievous tease and a laid-back person that knows a lot about soul society. Yoruichi may act indifferent sometimes but she is an extremely loyal person to people she cares for.

Yoruichi Shihouin Kisuke Urahara Bleach looking at her leg

Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane Death Note

Misa Amane is a celebrity who is cute, cheerful, bubbly, with yandere traits and a fashion sense for all things goth. Going through something very tragic at a young age, she sees Light Yagami has her saviour.

She’s a person that loves wholeheartedly, valuing the person she cares about more than the world. Through thick and thin, her actions are always fuelled and motivated by love alone, ready to put even her life in danger for love.

Misa Amane Light Yagami Death Note sitting on lap looking at phone dad in background

Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama!)

Misaki Ayuzawa Maid Sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa? Why would someone known as the “Demon President”, who is a former Student Council President of Seika High School and now diplomat/lawyer who travels to different countries, make the best anime girlfriends?


Well she is a hard worker, gentle, encouraging, and helpful lady. She can be too selfless for her own good when it comes to helping others. Empathetic, fierce and dislikes when people discourage those who are genuinely working hard. She is the type of anime girlfriends that encourages those around her to be better.

Ayuzawa, Misaki & Usui, Takumi

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki is one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online. She is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc. and one of the best gaming partners you can ask for if you are stuck in a game.

Asuna is a proud, well read, kind and very helpful young woman. She can be very independent but even though she still likes to have a support system. She is an emotional person who cannot abandon any one in trouble. She is a character that has slowly developed into quite a stubborn and headstrong lady, but in a good way.

Asuna Yuuki Kirigaya Kazuto kirito Sword Art Online together smiling

Mayumi Nishikino (The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)

Mayumi Nishikino from The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Mayumi Nishikino is an office-lady and resident of the Kawai complex, and has bad luck with men, dating three-two timing men that leave her heart-broken and resentful of happy couples. 


Mayumi is a very straight forward person, who tells a person what’s exactly on her mind about them. Her mood swings are fierce, she drinks a lot, powerless to food she likes and can be cynical but I honestly love how she’s a messy imperfect person. She also has a one track mind so she can accomplish a lot when she is really motivated. And even though she can be playfully mean spirited to her fellow residents of the Kawai complex, she does care deeply for all of them.

Mayumi Nishikino Kazunari Usa The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior teasing him

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Benten (The Eccentric Family)

Benten The Eccentric Family Uchoten Kazoku

Benten is a magical human living in Kyoto. When she was a teenager, she was abducted by Akadama-sensei, an elder tengu. Who taught her the ways of tengu and how to fly (bonus point for this).

Benten is a character I am really fond of; she’s smart, whimsical and has a certain air of mystery to her. She knows what she wants and goes for it in a no apologetic manner that I find interesting. She can be cruel but underneath all that is a caring and friendly part.

Benten Yasaburou Shimogamo The Eccentric Family Uchoten Kazoku

Fujiko Mine (Lupin III)

Fujiko Mine Lupin III

Fujiko Mine is one of the most well known female characters in anime. Both enigmatic, a master of disguise, fluent in languages and with an incredible fashion sense. She is a professional criminal, burglar and confidence trickster.

Fujiko is a lot of woman to handle,who usually puts herself and others into trouble and runs away. But she never leaves them in trouble they can’t handle if she cares for them. She’s smart and very skilled. Fujiko doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeves but cares deeply for her loved ones.

Fujiko Mine Arsene Lupin III holding hands smiling

Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal: Alchemist Brotherhood)

Winry Rockbell Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Winry Rockbell is a skilled automail specialist and mechanic amateur surgeon, with an unusual love for machines and tools. She wishes to create and design the perfect automail.

Winry can be very emotional, strong-willed and an understanding person who puts all her heart and effort into the things she does and cares about. She is a character that makes those around her to be better and will always be honest with you.

Winry Rockbell Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

Hitagi Senjougahara Bakemonogatari

Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari was a student of Naoetsu Private Academy and a former victim of the Weight Crab, which made her weigh 5 kg. Now she is a businesswoman, working for a competitor company to her father’s.

Hitagi is a kuudere, even though she claims to be a tsundere. She has a bit of a father complex, once becoming excited to the point of being unable to fall asleep when using her father’s blanket. She’s a cheerful girl with a sharp tongue who’s blunt and sincere when speaking to others.

Araragi Koyomi Hitagi Senjougahara Bakemonogatari carrying her

Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends Honourable Mentions

Kotoko Iwanaga from In/Spectre

Kotoko Iwanaga In/Spectre

Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise From Steins;Gate

Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto Shippuden

Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto Shippuden

Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte

Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Property Forte

Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi: False Love

Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi: False Love

Ako Tamaki from And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?

Ako Tamaki from And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Lalatina Dustiness Ford (KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!)

Darkness Lalatina Dustiness Ford KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World

Lalatina Dustiness Ford, known as Darkness to her fellow adventurers, is one of the three female members of Kazuma’s party. She is a crusader who’s funny, wacky and definitely has a few screws loose. 


Darkness is someone who can be strong willed, mature, courageous, giving off an aura of pride and nobility. But in reality is a complete masochistic pervert. She is still one of the kindest, most caring characters, who despite how adult she acts is still quite innocent. With Darkness, you are guaranteed to never have a dull moment around.

darkness Lalatina Dustiness Ford demon kings general minion KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Hestia (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Hestia is a Goddess and head of the Hestia Familia. She is usually barefoot, but occasionally wears a pair of white flip-flops. She strives to help Bell grow to become a powerful adventurer.

Hestia is an energetic, kind and a bookworm Goddess, who’s bad with money. And also a hard worker working two jobs to pay off a debt she incurred because of Bell. Diplomatic, immature, a lazy bum and a parental substitute who cares deeply for her familia.

Hestia Bell kun Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead)

Saeko Busujima Highschool of the Dead

Saeko Busujima is a senior and president of the Kendo Club at Fujimi High School. She is one of the few survivors, surviving the zombie apocalypse with her friends.


Saeko is a kind, caring, strong, very reliable lady that is admired and respected by her peers. Calm and collected even under the toughest situations. Saeko can be a big sister and mother to her close friends. She can even be quite the tomboy which I really like.

Saeko Busujima Takashi Komuro Highschool of the Dead

Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon, is a superhero who fights for love and for justice. She’s from a civilization on the Moon known as the Moon Kingdom. When she isn’t protecting the earth, she loves four of the things I like doing, eating sweets, playing video games, reading manga, boys and napping. 

Usagi is very relatable she can be selfish, dramatic, lazy and hates school. But she is trusting and believes that everyone can be good. Usagi cares for her loved ones and has grown to be quite mature, even though she sometimes relapses to her crybaby behaviour.

 Love is hard, and having someone like Usagi whose supportive, gives you a cute nickname, tries to make time for you and let’s you know she love you is why she’s on our list.


Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)

Belldandy  Ah! My Goddess

Belldandy is licensed as a goddess first-class, and is an actual goddess in all senses of the word. Appearing to Keiichi Morisato to grant his wish, which results in him wishing for her to remain by his side.

Belldandy is kind, patient and warm, to everyone and I mean everyone. She’s perfect at pretty much everything and with an angelic voice that is usually second to none. She’s still incredibly down-to-earth and quick to forgive those who cause her harm.

What I really like about Belldandy, was the way she would always support Keiichi, encouraging him whenever he belittled himself and stayed devoted to him throughout the series.

Keiichi Belldandy Love Life  Ah! My Goddess Urd Skuld

And those are our anime girls we think are the Top 15 Characters Who Make the Best Anime Girlfriends, did you like our list? Tell us about yours? And remember to treat your real girlfriend/boyfriend or that special someone in your life to something nice today or just give them the biggest hug today, that works too.


Till next time…

Thanks for reading!


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