8 Anime Aesthetically Pleasing To Watch

As science says, we humans are 70% visuals. We will stand and take notice if something is beautiful but it will not take us a minute to dismiss it if it does not catch our attention. The same goes for anime.

The world of anime has several amazing artworks, and it is these artworks which is one reason behind anime’s craze around the globe. The artwork in anime differentiates it from other animations. There is more to explore in this world than Death Note and other uber-popular productions. 

If you are looking for some eye candy in the world of anime, we have you covered. Here are 8 aesthetically pleasing anime which are beautiful enough for you to take screencaps and save them as wallpapers.

Here are Anime Aesthetically Pleasing To Watch


8. Cowboy Bebop


You can not include the classic! Cowboy Bebop is a very popular anime that has an enormous fan base around the world. There is not a single anime fan who has not heard of the series. 

The story takes place in 2071. The show follows the titular character Spike Spiegel and his Bebop crew. The show was groundbreaking at the time of its release. It has everything from great graphics to great music. The characters are fun and you will have a gala time binge-watching the show.

7. Ergo Proxy


Seventh on our list is a science fiction series – ‘Ergo Proxy’. The first thing that you will notice in the anime is the dark colors, dark mood, and intense character designs. The art style is far different from a typical anime but if you prefer this kind of style and love science fiction, you will enjoy this show. 

They set Ergo Proxy in a dystopian world which has a utopian surface, a futuristic world where androids roam around the human world but as you watch more, you realize that it’s more than what meets the eye.


Did we forget to mention it? The show has equally banging music!

6. Katanagatari


The background is the highlight in this anime and not the characters. You cannot miss the details that have gone into making this anime. 

The story is simple; it follows a swordsman and his companion on their journey to get their hands on the swords that are supposed to hold significant power. The setting is in the Edo era of Japan. We know the Edo era of Japan for the rise of Shoguns in the country. 

There is nothing spectacular about the character’s design but that is the charming point of the show. It is done intentionally to stay as close to the art style of the Edo era of Japan.


5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

kabaneri-of-the-iron fortress-the-battle-mumei-8-anime-aesthetically-pleasing-to-watch

Almost every soul on this planet has heard of ‘Attack on Titan’. ‘Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress’ is produced by the same production house, WIT studio, who brought us ‘Attack On Titan’. 

The drama is for sure overshadowed by ‘Attack On Titan’, but it is as good as the uber-popular anime. You can see that ‘Attack On Titan’ inspires the characters’ designs, action scenes, and even the storyline but there are also vast differences.

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4. Violet Evergarden


Produced by the renowned Kyoto Animation known for producing visually striking shows ‘Violet Evergarden’ is so beautiful that it will be hard to find another anime that can challenge the graphics used in this. The way the characters are drawn, you will see every brief expression on their face. The artwork is fitting for a romance anime set to explore the love and affection between the protagonists. The story follows a soldier who becomes emotionally detached after fighting in the war. After the war ends she settles down as a ghostwriter. The entire anime is about her and her commander’s relationship.

3. Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

Terror in Resonance-8-anime-aesthetically-pleasing-to-watch

It is pretty clear from the name of the anime what the anime is about. It is about terrorism and that is established right from the first episode. Even if you are not into terrorism or anime that deals in heavy topics you still need to check out this anime. The graphics are spectacular. 


The anime, also known as ‘Terror in Tokyo’ follows two teenage boys named Nine and Twelve. The boys have been part of a social experiment which was carried out by the Royal Peace Academy. The boys steal a prototype atomic bomb and upload a video on the internet threatening everyone that they will destroy the city if a riddle is not solved.

2. Little Witch Academia


Produced by Studio Trigger, if you are an anime fan you would know about the other very popular anime produced by the same studio – ‘Kill La Kill’.

The studio did not disappoint in the graphics department this time either. The graphics are as always very fresh and very cute. The graphics are almost cartoony but that makes it so fun. The anime is very colorful compared to ‘The Royal Tutor’. 

One thing that sets it apart from other anime is the fact that there are almost no fan services. If you are one of those who dislike fan service because you think it takes you away from the story as the characters act unusually, then this is the anime for you.


1. Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine (The Royal Tutor)


First on the list is a slice-of-life anime ‘The Royal Tutor’. The story is simple, it is about four royal princes who have their royal tutor in the palace. The anime has plenty of life lessons for both the characters and the viewers. It is a heartwarming show, but what makes it even more heartwarming are the graphics used in the show.

The way they drew the characters is unique but also very anime. The color palette used is also beautiful with a lot of earthen muted colors combined with gold and yellow.

I have often compared the show with ‘Assassination Classroom’ because the plot and the topics The Royal Tutor deals with are very similar to the ‘Assassination Classroom’. The similarities end there. The artwork is no doubt much better in ‘The Royal Tutor’.

Japan has a lot more aesthetically pleasing shows. The sheer number of shows that Japan offers makes it impossible to list them all down at once!


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