Top 5 Anime Mary Sue characters that are out there

Mary Sue is not a Loser.

Mary Sue… when you first think of one, you might think of Bella Swan or some other book/movie character. Here we made a shortlist of some of the top anime Mary Sue characters that are out there. For the guys, because yes they can be Mary Sues as well, we know them as Gary Stu.

A Mary Sue is a character who is so perfect that he or she wraps the world around them to display their perfection. It appears nothing in this universe except Mary Sue is even real and is instead a plot device to make Mary Sue seem flawless and loved. It’s also important to know that to make a character seem less Sue-ish, authors will often give their Mary Sue a “flaw” that is actually just a stale trait in disguise. Mostly, even if the anime is good, someone can write badly the character BECAUSE they’re a Mary Sue.

A character being a Mary Sue or Gary Stu isn’t necessarily a bad thing – there’s a reason the archetype exists, and that is wish fulfillment. Sometimes you just want to watch your favorite anime guy or gal kick butt and you don’t want to worry about the details. But sometimes Gary Stu and Mary Sue anime characters can fall flat, because they don’t always face the kinds of challenges that a character struggling with personal flaws and weaknesses might face.

5. Kirito – Sword Art Online TOTAL MARY SUE

Kirito – Sword Art Online TOTAL MARY SUE

Of course, Kirito would be first. He is on EVERY list and poll/forum I have seen regarding Mary Sue characters in anime. Even though the show is kind of special to me because it was one of the first anime shows I’ve ever watched, I have to agree. Too many girls fall for him, which is annoying, but the reason he seems overpowered is that he just the kind of person who’s good at video games.


4. Usui Takumi – Maid Sama Perfect Mary Sue

Usui Takumi – Maid Sama Perfect Mary Sue

If you look at top tens lists for husbandos or top anime guys, Usui Takumi will probably be on the list. He’s canonically good at everything he tries, he’s a gentleman where it counts and sarcastic where it’s funny. Basically, he’s the perfect man, which is exactly why he’s on this list.

3. Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Now this anime is a cute slice of life anime perfect for background noise or if you need something cute. But Umaru is such a MARY SUE! On the outside, Umaru Doma is the perfect girl, she’s an outstanding student, she’s beautiful, and she’s beloved by her classmates and teachers alike. Now while they gave her actual flaws like being a total brat, lazy AND selfish, the show spins them into something adorable and relatable. She never experiences real consequences for her behavior and remains beloved no matter what she does.

2. Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Okay, I love this anime for being a cute and sweet romance anime. But if we’re talking about Mary Sues, Shirayuki is DEFINITELY one. She’s considered being special because she is apparently the only one with bright red hair. SO SPECIAL! Also, she has guys trying to court her left and right without her even having to lift a finger. She’s kind to everyone she meets, is a hard worker, and seems to have no inherent faults.

1. Sora & Shiro – No Game No Life

Sora & Shiro – No Game No Life

In most creative works of anime, movies, books, etc… the best part of the plot is figuring out or wondering if they’ll make it out of whatever they’re going through. Sora and Shiro are so good at gaming that they’re totally unbeatable. While it’s exciting to see how they’re going to pull off their next win, there’s little tension regarding whether they will win. Because we know they will.


Supposedly, they both suffer from social anxiety and agoraphobia so severe that it kept them from leaving their home at all, but they portrayed this as more of a fun quirk than a debilitating problem, and it never comes up when it would hurt the plot. As someone with both, I like the show but wish they had delved more into character development instead of making them the Sue family.

So, to sum up, these characters are all Mary Sues, but it doesn’t make the anime shows not worth watching. In fact, I recommend ALL of them. So in conclusion, Mary Sue is NOT a loser.

What did you think? Are they or are they not? Any characters you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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