Does Tomura Shigaraki have All For One?

Does Tomura Shigaraki have the quirk All for One? Hey everyone and thank you for stopping by, this is a thought I had one day while rewatching Boku no Hero Academia the fight between All Might and All For One.

I mean All For One as named Tomura Shigaraki his protégé and would explain to me why it seemed All For One really was not fighting to win but just to delay or have a go at it again with All Might. He seemed like a man who had his affairs in order.

Before we start, thank you everyone who sent me messages while I was off, really appreciate them and everyone who reads my ramblings. And “No” am not quiting it’s just been a busy couple of weeks.

So before we get into all my theories or theory of if he has the power or not. Let’s take a quick look at;


Who is Tomura Shigaraki?

Does Tomura Shigaraki have All for One

We first see him in the U.S.J. Arc as one of the main antagonist. Shigaraki is a villian I just fell in love with the first time I saw him. He reminds me of the Joker and Madara Uchiha combined, who when we first meet him can be childish, taking everything as a game and having a tantrum when things are not going his way. But as the story progresses we see a more calculating villian with long term plans for achieving his goals.

A real manipulative madman, he wants to kill All Might, “the symbol of peace”, destroying the society he represents and creating one in his own image, with his own form of justice. He most time doesn’t seem to care for his or almost anyone else’s life, having no problem about evil deeds like killing. He is fuelled by hate, hating everything and everyone.

We do get to understand the reason why he is the way he is. When we learn more about his past.

Tomura Shigaraki as a child

Feeling great love and remorse for his deceased family who he accidentally kills when he loses control of his quirk. The hands he wears all over himself are the remains of his loved ones. He states wearing them make him feel sick and yet calm at the same time. He’s a very real and believable villian.


Theories about Tomura Shigaraki acquiring All For One?

  • Shigaraki has not inherited All For One


He Needs More Time

All For One is a quirk that allows it’s user to steal others quirks making them their own and even combining the stolen quirks. Also allowing the user to give stolen quirks to other people.

All For One has acquire a lot of quirks over the many many many years he’s been alive. That definitely a lot of power to put into anyone if they are not prepared for it.


Shigaraki needs time to develop like Izuku Midoriya needed time, to get his mind and body ready for One For All.

His quirk is more complex than it seems

The delay in giving him All For One are due to another theory I have.

That Tomura Shigaraki decay quirk is a mutation like Eri, whose quirk gives her the ability to physically rewind something she comes in contact with.


What if Shigaraki quirk is not actually decay but physically forwarding something he comes in contact with.

That would explain All For One’s experimentation on Nomus, to figure out how to get Shigaraki ready for his quirk All For One.

Eri and Tomura

Eri and Shigaraki do share striking similarities both having white hair and red eyes, which could be the physical appearance of mutated quirk users. That would explain why All For One has not passed it to him.

So there will be a need for a prison break Arc so that Shigaraki can inherit All For One.

  • Tomura Shigaraki already has All For One

Shigaraki does let us know more about his past while he was confiding in Himiko and Twice, about how hard it is siding with those that wounded him. He seems to have vague memories of what happened the day he awakens and losses control of his quirk killing his family and meeting All For One.

tomura shigaraki sitting on a throne

So what if this was all All For One’s doing, Shigaraki’s partial memory lose and everything that happen that day. And All For One has already passed on his quirk to him.

Shigaraki doesn’t just remember or he was just pretending and he’s hiding the quirk for now. That would explain why recovery for All For One is hard and why he’s been hiding in the shadows.

And the fight with All Might was also just an ember of what remained of his quirk. So it was two of the greatest quirk users making their final solo stand.

all might and all for one
This showdown was epic……
  • All For One is just playing another game

All For One is tricking everyone

I would not put it pass All For One to just be manipulating Shigaraki and not having any intention of passing his quirk on to him or maybe we are the ones misunderstanding what he means by making Shigaraki, his protégé.

He does seem genuine about making him the next underworld ruler. But this is All For One we are talking about I don’t think a person who has lived for so long might be willing to just give that up.

All For One and Tomura Shigaraki are the same


He could be using Shigaraki to return to his prime self. Maybe it’s an Orochimaru-Sasuke situation, And All For One has some mind tranfer quirk.

Or maybe Shigaraki has not been Shigaraki for a long time now or some sort of shared conciseness thing.

Shigaraki smiling
All For One is Shigaraki…..

Well either way we will just have to wait and see what the author of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi has in store for us.

So that’s all I have for you, any theory you have or thoughts you have please let me know in the comments section. Thank you for sticking around to the end.


For my old readers thanks for all your support and my new readers “welcome!!!“, hope you enjoyed reading this and you stick around.

Till next time keeping trying to smile, watch anime, read manga, play games and just be happy.


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