Above Heaven

Naruto Poems

I’m feeling high
Try to find a reason is hard to stay alive
Thinking I am blind, it doesn’t frighten me
I got my own law, its name mutuality
Divided by the passage I written in hand
You know where I stand

Above the clouds without a doubt
I had a sinking feeling about what this is all about
So come and face me in my own mental state
It’s the only way you can see through my fate
The eyes of darkened matter doesn’t matter to me
To see through all my faults and live through the vitality
While all my mental stasis are going through multiple fatalities
I’m not dying from a massacre I didn’t commit
I’m killing all of the embryos that didn’t consent
So through common sense I thought I loved my thoughts I remembered
But I can’t remember a thing except that I live above the heavens
While everything else is dying at my feet and pelting me with threats
Loving is not so easy when your brain is filled with blood
Well maybe that’s what when your body is going through of multiple floods
Of multiple thoughts that’s encrypted
And souls that seems interested

Of all the ideas I had edited
I lived to tell the tale of the nine tailed fox
Who lives inside of me
Never doubted that he wanted to destroy me
Never doubted that I was its slave
A body to use
A body misused
So let me know my death ticket is due
I’ll be living above heaven
To silence myself from past transgressional anger obsessions


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