All The Cheats And Tricks For Clash Of Kings

hacks and tricks to leveling up fast in cok

  So you just started to play cok or your already playing and your not leveling up as fast as you want. I have been there,coming back with my castle on fire resources stolen and all your troops dead.😭😭

  Well we can stop that you deserve to be big and strong, where you become the hunter and not the pray. Appear in an alliance fort and burn every last one there or just become safe and not have to worry about anyone except the other high level castles.

 So let’s start with the things you need to do to become a high level castle;

powering up your castle

Try to get into a big alliance to get gifts and safety too. Big alliances tend to spend a lot of actual money in the game to buy cok packs, so you can get rewarded with gold, speed ups and lot of other things which will help you on your road to being strong.

   I have gotten 30,000 gold easy in a week this way 😂😂😂. And rewards from alliance events are easy to get without even you having to participate sometimes. To get into a big alliance try and get friendly with members in the alliance,they can help recommend your application with the leader even if you don’t meet the alliance requirements.

  Now I know it stressful and it will take time, but start making the best quality to equipment you can make (orange color). Focus on the equipment that increases your military power, this is the reason why sometimes a lower level castle than you wins when the two of you fight. All this things will make your troops better in battles and make you undefeatable💪💪
  You have all the gold and speed ups you need,but you still need resources so you need to buy or gather them.
  This is where farm castles come in you will need at least 3 or 4, but more is always better if you want the dream of becoming a high level castle faster to be realized. You will be able to level up more the farm castles you have, all you need to do is send them to gather and attack them with your main castle when you want to take your resources to your main. Please remember to level your farm castles to level 20 and VIP 8.
  What you need are level 2 siege engines to gather. They don’t really consume much food,since they are low level and siege engines carry the most resources when gathering. With your VIP 8, 5 marches can be done increasing the resources you can gather.
   It’s really hard and requires a level of commitment but if you can do it you will level up faster than someone whose using money to buy packs or will give you an edge if you are ready to use money to play.
  Follow my steps and you can be the king of your kingdom,like this guy 😉;
So leave any comments or questions you might have and I will get to them. ☺


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