Planit Rabbit – Review

The furriest and cutest characters from Planet Lander are here! Will you join them on their adventure in the stars?

Planit Rabbit

The newest game from Polyspice, Planit Rabbit is here. Hey everyone, and welcome to my game review for this game.

Planit Rabbit is inspired by the “Lunar Lander” game we played when we were younger and is supposedly a spin-off on it.

So cute……

It is a simple casual arcade mobile game fans may have been hoping for. A wonderful game to pass the time on the commute home or free time at work.

Your Job is simple, help the rabbits get back to their base while manoeuvring shape pointy terrain and the now and then one or two missiles. Sounds simple enough right.

anime characters playing video game

It sounded simple but it wasn’t always easy getting the rabbits back to base. The controls take some getting used to when you start playing. I really felt like I was controlling a space landing shuttle, but in a good not to over complicated way.

It would have been nice to have a small tutorial about how to play but you are immediately dropped into the world of Planet Lander and have to sink or swim.


At first, I didn’t like that but there is a certain charm to that figuring out how to play as you go. I crash more than a couple of times when I started playing which I found hilarious and I ended up playing with my little brother, and we turned the whole thing into a competition of who’s the best Planet Lander pilot.

It’s a game I find myself coming back to when I want to play something simple. The graphics were good and so far I haven’t had any problems with the Planit Rabbit.

The Verdict

It’s a wonderful game, made with a lot of love for creating light tense moments for its players. Cause no matter how long you play Planit Rabbit is not a skills game, it’s a trying game.

Download links:


Android | iOS

Also One Neo Eon, a Webcomic by the studio Shonen Bag, run by the talented Alpha Yu is getting a print edition, coming out November 30th.

They are the ones who made this amazing picture for us.

You can contact if you want a commission done…..

You should grab a copy when it comes out. I’m definitely getting one.


Till next time keep gaming…


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