15 Beautiful Anime Like Howl’s Moving Castle

Obsessed with Howl’s Moving Castle? You’re not alone! The magic, adventure, and touch of the extraordinary it offered were irresistible. If you’re looking for more anime like Howl’s Moving Castle to add to your watchlist, check out these recommendations!

15. Your Name.

Your Name might take a slightly more bittersweet turn than Howl’s Moving Castle, but it’s another powerful story that will leave a lasting impression. The movie tells the story of a unique love story where two teenagers, a boy, and a girl, find their lives strangely connected.

If you’re a sensitive soul who appreciates a good cry (in the best way possible!), give it a go.

14. Snow White with the Red Hair

If the blossoming romance and breathtaking surroundings of Howl’s Moving Castle captivated you, then Snow White with the Red Hair is your next must-watch! This anime finished airing in 2016 but it’s still among my top romance anime series.


Snow White with the Red Hair offers a refreshing romance similar to Sophie and Howl’s. Shirayuki, a herbalist with unique red hair, and Zen, a prince with a kind heart, develop a supportive and inspiring relationship. They challenge and uplift each other, making their love story both exciting and genuine.

13. Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart offers a similar visual and emotional treat, wrapped up in a heartwarming Ghibli classic.

Love is a central theme in both films, but Whisper of the Heart takes a gentler approach. It follows the innocent blossoming of a school-age crush, offering a relatable story for teenagers filled with butterflies and first love.

12. Princess Jellyfish

This slice-of-life anime features a character with a striking resemblance to our favorite wizard.


But here’s the twist: Princess Jellyfish isn’t set in a magical land. It’s a modern-day story based in Tokyo!

Meet Tsukimi, a NEET (someone who neither works nor studies) who lives for jellyfish and all things comfy. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kuranosuke, a flamboyantly dressed (and sometimes cross-dressing) guy with a knack for fashion.

11. Fractale

Loved the magical world and sweet romance in Howl’s Moving Castle? Then check out Fractale!

This anime has a similar artsy style with beautiful backgrounds and cool character designs. Plus, there’s plenty of magic to keep things exciting, just like in Howl’s Moving Castle.


The story follows a group of characters, who get caught up in a magical adventure. There’s even a cute romance subplot that blossoms along the way.

10. Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted is a wild ride that will turn your world upside down (literally!). The anime also has incredible animation, just like Howl’s Moving Castle. Filled with twists and turns, the people of the anime live in a world where gravity works differently. As a result, people live in underground villages or floating cities!

The story follows Patema, a curious girl from the underground, and Age, a boy from the sky city. They meet each other in a way that defies the laws of gravity, sparking an unlikely friendship. As they explore each other’s worlds, they face unexpected challenges and uncover a secret that could change everything.

9. The Cat Returns

Another magical Ghibli adventure like Howl’s Moving Castle is waiting to whisk you away! The Cat Returns features a strong female lead, just like Sophie, who stumbles upon a fantastical world brimming with wonder.


There’s even a hint of romance to keep things exciting, and the animation is purrfectly beautiful. So, if you crave another heartwarming story with a touch of magic, The Cat Returns is the meow-gical choice for you!

8. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro isn’t about fighting or saving the world; it’s a gentle story about childhood wonder, the beauty of nature, and the power of imagination.

While Howl’s Moving Castle takes you on a magical journey with Sophie and Howl, My Neighbor Totoro focuses on the heartwarming bond between two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, as they explore the wonders of their new countryside home.

Trust me, the animation is just as incredible, filled with lush landscapes and whimsical creatures that will leave you speechless.


7. Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy is a story with a strong female lead like Sophie, but this time she’s named Lydia. In both anime, a handsome blonde guy (think Howl or Edgar) sweeps the girl off her feet and into a magical adventure!

This anime also takes place in a charming, old-fashioned world that feels like stepping back in time, kind of like Howl’s Moving Castle. But the best part? The characters in both stories are total softies with hearts of gold.

6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Looking for an anime recommendation with the magic and the sweet (but not too mushy) romance like in Howl’s Moving Castle? The Ancient Magus’ Bride might be just what you’re looking for!

This captivating story follows Chise, a young girl who finds herself in the care of Elias, a powerful but enigmatic mage. Together, they explore the wonders and challenges of the magical world.


Just like Howl’s Moving Castle, The Ancient Magus’ Bride is set in Europe and filled with magic in an otherwise everyday setting.

5. Last Exile

Now, Last Exile isn’t exactly about magic castles (although some pretty sweet airships come close!). This series is a steampunk anime, which means it features fantastical technology powered by steam and gears.

Even though the stories are different, both anime take place in worlds before big factories and modern machines. Instead, people rely on their skills and resourcefulness to survive.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting adventure on the high seas with beautiful scenery and daring characters, Last Exile is the perfect anime to set sail with!


4. Violet Evergarden

While the stories themselves are different, Violet Evergarden offers a similar touching journey filled with beauty, hope, and the power of love.

The story follows Violet Evergarden, a young woman who goes on a journey to discover the meaning of love. Unlike most anime that focus on spoken dialogue, Violet Evergarden highlights the beauty and power of written communication. It’s a refreshing change!

3. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is another masterpiece by Studio Ghibli, but with a whole new story to explore.

The main character, Ashitaka becomes entangled in a war between humans and the very nature spirits who protect the forest.


While Howl’s Moving Castle has a lighthearted touch, Princess Mononoke tackles deeper themes. Thus, fans who appreciate stories that make them think will enjoy the environmental message and the exploration of war and its consequences.

2. Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky feels like a cousin to Howl’s Moving Castle. Both are Ghibli films filled with gorgeous landscapes and lovable characters.

But instead of a house on legs, Castle in the Sky whisks you up to a mysterious floating castle named Laputa. Here, you’ll meet Sheeta, a brave young girl at the center of an exciting adventure.

Just like Sophie in Howl’s Moving Castle, Sheeta’s journey is filled with wonder, danger, and maybe even a new friendship (with a cute boy by her side).


1. Spirited Away

For those who adore the heartwarming friendships and the feel-good ending, Spirited Away, another Studio Ghibli gem by Hayao Miyazaki, is calling your name.

In Howl’s Moving Castle, we met Sophie, a young woman cursed by a witch. But she wasn’t alone! Sophie found a quirky and lovable bunch of friends who helped her navigate the moving castle and break the curse.

Similarly, Spirited Away introduces us to Chihiro, a kind girl who stumbles into a magical world where her parents are trapped. Just like Sophie, Chihiro relies on the kindness and courage of her newfound friends to overcome challenges and save her family.


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