Anime: Superpowers and Music

 So, this is a post I wanted to talk about for a while now. So, my love for anime goes deep. Not only for the fantasy and craziness of story plot and character, but also the many different kinds of anime there are and the sense of epicness that I can get like no other. The one thing that stands out to me in anime is the various types of superpowers that characters can have in the shows. Shonen Jump, mostly fighting anime (Bleach, Dragon Ball, etc.) are the sole foundation of my adrenaline style binge watching marathons. There is something about watching these badass characters going through unbelievable battle scenes and the sense of being on the edge of your seat to watch who will be victorious. And another thing I noticed about these fight scenes is something I take very close to heart. It’s one extra addition to the anime puzzle piece that completes the set. Background Music.

 So, I’m going to ask you the viewers a question. Have you ever watched an anime, doesn’t matter what kind, and remembered it so clearly because of the background music that went along with it? Whether it was a final battle between two strongest during the season, or a tragic death of one of your beloved characters? Well, that’s exactly what I mean. Yes, I will admit that there are those scenes that people only remember from the actual scene and what was happening. But to me, I was one of those anime watchers who paid attention to the music as well as the scene, whatever happened. For example, remember the very first time that Goku turned super saiyan? It was an anime moment for the history books that will never be forgotten. The crescendo type of music that played when he transformed fit perfectly and added to the already intense atmosphere when he was ready to battle Freiza. It was very memorable and more exciting because of what I’m about segway into. Superpowers.

  I, much like a lot of anime watchers I know, see the superpowers in anime and be like “Man, I really want those powers.” Many anime has actually inspired the one I’m writing now. Mostly, because of the amazing powers and abilities they had in their arsenal of strength. Many times, as a wee bit child that I would pretend to have these powers, believing I could shoot a kamehameha wave from my hands if I focused hard enough. To, the crazy things the authors and animators do in shonen jump series is what really captures me from the rest. Once I start seeing the things they can do, I’m instantly hooked and watch the entire series without me even knowing. Not only the powers, but the transformations once they ascended or obtained a new skill of power. Another memorable one for me is Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde form. Holy hell, that was the climatic transformation I have seen!! Probably my favourite as well.

 So, that was a little something on my mind I wanted to share. It was fun doing this and I hope you all enjoy this. Until next time. ^-^


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