Hay everyone, thanks to everyone sending me messages asking why I have not been writing, sorry I been quiet sad and not had any real motivation to write- thoughts like am not good enough, etc.

 Thanks you Tyler for still keeping the blog active, with all your interesting stories. They are something I really looked forward to reading during my shut down period.

 Am back and I have a lot ideas and plans for the blog 😁 and it’s probably going to keep me busy setting everything up. Am planning to give Yo! D101 a new look and make us even more user friendly. So you should expect a lot of new things coming and more content. I will start writing again by next month and the blog update should be launched around that month too or even earlier so expect to see a lot more of us at Yo! D101.

Thank you everyone who is supporting us, we couldn’t do this without you.



Blogger / Jujutsu Sorcerer / Unpredictable knuckle head Ninja that spends his free time writing, reading, watching and playing all things Anime, Manga and Gaming.

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