childhood poem

I ask you what happened to all my good times
You said in a menacing way nothing ever last a lifetime
I run outside and follow for like an hour out the day
Screaming like the devil about you wanna play
I closed my eyes and let the tears fall to the ground
You ran up behind me and talked about the merry-go-round

What about now?
How about all those times you told me I had a foul mouth
When I was kid I dreamed myths and legends
Because I was destined
To find a way that I could reach above the heaven
I’m reaching higher and higher as time goes by
Waving to my friends, Wonder If they’re saying hi or bye
I don’t care right now
With my head in the clouds
I figured how my dreams work
They take charge until I grab them by the throat
And choke it until I feel no remorse

I served it up, there is your course meal for today sir
Looking back on how I was hurt
Thinking about the space between heaven and earth
It’s a lousy reward for a hundred years to worth
I lay down on head
Thinking on death instead
Cut me slack if I feel out of wack
But today I found my home
In my dreams I back


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