Are you ready for Dragon Raja x Evangelion?

The “Angels” are coming, it’s time to suit up!

Dragon Raja x Evangelion

Creating a graphically stunning fantasy open MMORPG world is definitely not an easy task, especially a gigantic and immersive one that really gives you the feeling of free movement and the choice to really create your own adventure. I know this first hand because I have been thinking of going into game development someday.

A company that really seems to want to create the experience I was talking about above is the developers at Archosaur Games that brought us, Dragon Raja. The epic MMORPG: Dragon Raja has been released for over one year now. Up until now, this futuristic anime setting mobile MMORPG has gained over seven million registration and growing. Dragon Raja has also won the Best Game Prize of the 16th IMGA awards. And there are more surprises waiting for all the players…

Before we continue this post was brought to you earlier thanks to Dragon Raja, an incredible Fantasy MMORPG with stunning graphics created with Unreal Engine 4.

This time, Dragon Raja is launching a huge collaboration with the famous Japanese anime series: Evangelion! In case you don’t know, this famous animation Evangelion is an iconic anime series first released in 1995, and became a hit in Japan and all over the world since then. According to the development team at Archosaur Games, they have been preparing for this collaboration for more than half a year. The collaboration brings players abundant subplots and in-game details to explore. For example, you will find the sky unusual in different places at certain times. Players will be able to participate in the time-limited activities to fight the “Angels”.

Archosaur Games Dragon Raja

Another interesting thing that is planned, during this collaboration, is the special collaboration content: Evangelion Test Type-01 will be available! Purple and green with its sharp line, no one should miss out on this extraordinary Evangelion! At the same time, four Evangelion Collaboration outfits and accessories are also prepared for players. This is going to be one of the biggest activities since the Dragon Raja release.

DragonRaja x Evangelion

If you are a Dragon Raja player, you will get to explore the grand and vivid open world. Players can explore freely just like in the real world. Having hilarious falls on snowy nights, having a cup of coffee by the open-air café, or soaking in a hot spring are some of the common memories shared by Dragon Raja players. There are tons of different fun and real interactions to discover in the Dragon Raja world for players. And it’s incredibly stunning graphics is also one of the reasons that the game is so popular. Developed by using the advanced Unreal Engine 4. Dragon Raja brings unbelievably high graphics on mobile devices for the first time in MMORPG history. The quality of the pictures is so real that you can find all the true details on its architecture, which are built in different styles from all over the world.

DragonRaja x Evangelion

Instead of mediocrely fun of other MMORPGs, Dragon Raja wants to keep bringing its players new stories, new classes and even different collaboration activities, keeping players always on their toes and interested in exploration of the world. And is exactly the reason why after a year Dragon Raja is still going strong. Dragon Raja will continue to bring more surprises to us many years from now.

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Dragon Raja is a great MMORPG that has gotten all its fundamentals right, is extremely fun to play and interact in. You could easily get lost in the game as a fan of MMORPG and with the Dragon Raja x Evangelion collaboration it’s now a game for anime fans who loved Evangelion. You should definitely give Dragon Raja x Evangelion a shot.

Till next time…Happy Gaming!


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